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How You Can Safely Lose Weight

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Many stories abound on how to lose weight. Most of them have it that weight loss is necessarily a silver bullet to solving most of the lifestyle diseases. The diseases on parade include hypertension, heart attacks and diabetes, among many others. All that is true. The missing part of the narrative is how you can lose weight without seriously affecting your life. Rapid weight loss can result in you losing much more than you had bargained for so make sure you only go for weight loss friendly foods. This is the question that many health and wellness advocates are now grappling with. That is because enthusiastic weight loss activities may drastically change your life. It is important to know how this happens, so that can you lose weight more responsibly. The dangers inherent in losing weight too fast and how to avoid them are discussed below.

You May Lose Your Insulation

Fat insulates you from cold. When you lose it you feel a lot colder, which takes time to adjust to. Exercising and dieting are the quickest ways to achieve weight loss. However, when you want to achieve too much at once, you will grow lean very fast, and thus lose your ability to regulate out cold. It is therefore important to lose weight slowly and systematically, so that your body has time to adjust to the changes taking place.

You May Lose Sleep

If you have ever tried to sleep on an empty stomach, then you will know how difficult it is. Food and sleep are related. Sleep is mainly caused by the rise in levels of adenosine in the brain. Adenosine is the chemical which inhibits the activities of brain stems associated with arousal and activity. The higher the adenosine levels, the sleepier you feel. If you are hungry, adenosine levels are naturally low, since you should be active looking for food. If you have a full stomach, adenosine levels rise, so you feel sleepy. The problem with dieting is that the brain is signaled that you are hungry, so it keeps you awake to feel hunger pangs, and find food. You need to sleep to avoid the hunger pangs. If you want to know how to lose weight successfully in these self-contradicting circumstances, the answer lies in moderation. Eat less gradually, don’t start on a sudden diet change that keeps you awake.

You May Miss Your Periods

The body is wired to believe that a hungry woman has no business getting a baby. So when you diet, the hormone lectin is released to shut off your menstruation, because you are too hungry to support a pregnancy. Once you lose weight and your body gets used to a smaller you, then you will begin getting regular periods again. So the dieting should not be too severe, otherwise you may have to cope with some dry months.

Lose Weight Gradually

Avoiding rapid changes to your body size is how to lose weight properly. Problems such as feeling cold, losing sleep and missing periods can result from losing weight too fast. To avoid the severity of these problems, you should moderate your dieting and exercising so that you get to your goal gradually.

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