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Importance of Physical Therapy

The importance of physical therapy when suffering from arthritis

Physical Therapy

When you are ill or injured from accidents and sporting activities, your mobility is affected. You may not exercise or move as much as before since you need to heal the affected area. However, when your body becomes inactive, it also contributes to your slow healing. You need to move your body to help the circulation of blood to the affected area and make your recovery faster. You also expose yourself to other conditions such as obesity when you do not exercise at all, and engage in excess eating. You also make the affected part weaker, which is manifested when the doctor removes a bandage on the injured part, and it appears smaller than usual. It would help if you exercised, although not vigorously, to keep your body active and control diseases while healing the affected parts. Dr Steven Ferrer is a qualified physical therapist who can help you go through a challenging time.

Manage Vascular conditions

An avascular condition such as diabetes may affect the circulation of blood to your feet. You may experience foot rot over time, which may affect your movement. You also have difficulty healing from an injury that may also develop an infection. When you attend physical therapy, it helps return blood circulation to those areas, resulting in healing and recovery. The cells around the affected area get enough nutrients, and the nerve ending rejuvenates. Your mobility also returns, and your general health improves.

Manage Respiratory and Heart Diseases

You may suffer from a heart attack or disease that has left you in hospital or bedridden for a while. You need to start exercises to strengthen your heart muscles to increase blood pumping and improve blood circulation. Physical therapy engages your body in activities that help to boost your metabolic rate and make your heart active. You may also suffer from pulmonary diseases that weaken your lungs and muscles that enhance their performance. When you engage in exercises that target the lungs, they regain their strength and increase your ability to breathe better and recover faster from your condition.

Improve Women Health

Women have a sophisticated body system associated with their reproductive health and role in childbearing. The pregnancy and giving birth process may affect the body of a woman and she may need physical therapy to recover. The vagina expands after childbearing and may need some exercises to return to standard size. They may also experience incontinence due to loose bladder muscles and may need to engage in exercises that strengthen those muscles. A woman’s body also increases weight after childbirth, and due to their weak condition, they may require specialized training in exercises that do not overstretch them but provides enough exercise to remain healthy and regain their initial weight.

Treat Age-Related Diseases

When the body ages, it starts to develop conditions due to the slower rate of rejuvenating old cells. Many parts of the body become affected, such as the bones and joints. You may undergo various surgeries on your joints and may feel weak even without any defects. Physical therapy offers activities that engage your body and strengthen your weak muscles. It also helps to recover from surgeries that affect the joints and enhance the rate of recovery. You should seek an expert physical therapist to provide services customized to your condition.

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