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Ion Generator: Plenty Of Benefits

Ion Generator

We may have known ion generator as a device containing negative ions to ionize air particles which benefits our system. It lessens the dust in the air by 52%, lessens the bacteria by 95%, and reduces the salmonella particles in the air, but these are the common uses we know of ion generators. But aside from its main purposes, did you know that ion generators also help us with our sickness and mental health?

Not that we know of, but negative ions are mostly absorbed by the skin. 85% of the electrons are obtained through the skin and the remaining 15% are those we have inhaled and absorbed through our lungs.

Having an ion generator around us does not only benefit our breathing, but also improve our physiological and mental health. Here are the gains when negative ions penetrate our body:

  1. Balanced autonomic nervous system – In layman’s term, the autonomic nervous system is the part of the nervous system that is responsible for breathing, heartbeat and digestive process. When the negative ions are transmitted to ANS, these three are regulated.
  2. Better health – People who have an acidic pH (this is when the pH level of our body is not balanced. Our total pH scale ranges from 1 to 14, 7 is considered as neutral, level less than 7 is considered to be acidic. The ideal level of pH is 7.30 to 7.45), are more likely to be weak, vulnerable, and susceptible to sickness. This eventually leads to Acidosis of the blood due to lack of negative ions., This can only be prevented by increasing the negative ions in the body. Since electrons are an essential factor in the improvement of the immune system of the body and resistance to illness, better health is expected when there is a higher number of negative ions in our body.
  3. Efficient metabolism – Metabolism is the process of getting and absorbing the nutrients of the food we have eaten and eliminating the waste out of the body. This process is very important to our body since we need nutrients to be healthy, and these wastes prevent us when not eliminated. The more negative ion there is in our blood, the more efficient our metabolism process becomes.
  4. Strengthen the reticuloendothelial system – Reticuloendothelial system is the group of cells in our body that are responsible for resisting diseases. Negative ions also support these cells which make us less vulnerable to sickness.
  5. Increase in the speed of oxidation of serotonin – Serotonin is an essential chemical and neurotransmitter in our body. When there is enough amount of negative ion in our blood, the oxidation of serotonin is believed to increase. This results to a better regulation of mood, improvement of social behavior, sleep, digestion, memory, and appetite. People with enough serotonin are believed to be less prone to depression and anxiety.
  6. Increased capacity of body healing – negative ion increases blood flow that carries the vital and basic factor in the body to heal itself.
  7. Changes in calcium ion migration – When negative ions are involved in calcium migration, it helps the calcium ions to heal a broken bone two times faster than its usual healing time, and helps isolate the calcium from pains in the arthritic joints.
  8. Lowers blood pressure – in 1950, Dr. Haskell applied electrons to his hypertension patients. This proved that negative ions can help lower blood pressure.
  9. When negative ions penetrate our body, it is transported in our entire body through our blood. The flow of the oxygen to the brain is increased which results to a higher level of alertness, more mental energy, and decreased drowsiness.

Aside from helping the body resist sickness and improving different systems in the body, different studies also proved that negative ions are beneficial to the following ailments and mental situations:

  1. Migraine and headaches – Since serotonin levels of our body is regulated when negative ions are present, the overproduction of serotonin that causes headaches and migraines is prevented.
  2. Depression – studies suggest that treating depressed people with negative ions are more effective than other drugs.
  3. Fatigue and sleep – Just like migraine and headaches, fatigue and sleep can be prevented and improved when the serotonin levels are regulated with the help of negative ions.
  4. Burns – it has been proven that treating burn patients with negative ions can help them recover quicker
  5. Stress Salivary chromogranin A-like immunoreactivity is the marker of stress and anxiety. Negative ions are proven to reduce the level of salivary chromogranin A-like immunoreactivity and improve our performance in dealing with stress and anxiety.

These ions are so small that the naked eye cannot see them, and by thinking about how to get it in the most natural way, we have to spend money because of the pollution around us, negative ions are not that accessible anymore. As human beings, we tend to ignore little things in our environment just like these ions, and sometimes, the little things matter the most. If you are finding the perfect ion generator for your home, you can visit

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