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Is It Possible To Get Rid Of Back Pain Without Taking Medicines

Back Pain

Back pain has now become as common as cold, cough and fevers. It is because every other person in this world is now affected with back pain. Chiefly, desk bound lifestyle is responsible for occurrence of back pain. Apart from this, degenerative changes taking place in the back or advancement in age may also become the causative factors for bad back pain. Generally, people start taking pain-killers or other over-the-counter medicines to get rid of back pain. However, such medicines may give only temporary relief. These may also cast side-effects on the overall health of the users. Now one may wonder how to get rid of back pain without taking medicines. Here are some important curative and preventative measures to get rid of back pain.

Compressions work wonders

Those affected with bad back pain may get rid of the same by applying hot and cold compressions on the affected areas. Application of cold compressions helps in reduction and elimination of inflammation from the affected region. Also it helps you to stop feeling pain in the back. Contrary to this, application of hot pack helps in improving blood flow to the painful area. At the same time, other symptoms of back pain such as stiffness and swelling is got ridden of with the help of hot compress.

Rollers are quite effective

Another effective non-medicinal approach towards management of bad back pain is to use a foam roller. It helps in releasing muscle tension as well. This in turn eradicates pain automatically. You need to roll your back to and fro repeatedly on regular basis.

Back exercises are a must

Although back pain be aggravated due to severe exercise in numbers of cases however mild to moderate exercise is in fact beneficial. Major exercises to relieve back pain include stretching and strengthening of the back. It aids in reducing pain and then eliminates it completely from your back region. Since everyone has different type of pain therefore it is best to discuss with your health care expert to decide about the type of exercise appropriate for you. Simple morning and evening walks will help in strengthening of your back muscles.

Pay attention to your sleeping patterns and environment

Apart from sitting or standing in wrong posture, sleeping in an improper way may also cause pain in the back. Instead of sleeping on soft mattress you must opt for a hard one. Also it is advisable to sleep on your sides. In case, you feel comfortable sleeping on your back then you must keep a pillow below your legs to elevate the same.

Take proper diet

Diet also plays an important role in keeping back pain at bay. Make sure you take all the essential nutrients in your diet. You must pay particular attention to the intake of calcium and Vitamin D. It is because both these nutrients are essential for good health of the bones, muscles and joints.

By paying attention to these points you may get rid of back pain and keep the same at bay. It is totally a non-medicinal approach towards back pain management.


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