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Lines and wrinkle in the face become unavoidable as people age, but the struggle to hold up and battle the signs of aging persists. There is a new wield of anti-aging products and facial cream formulations that utilizes plant stem cells to aid keeping the skin smoother and younger looking. The ingredient has caught the interest of many stakeholders in the anti-aging and skin care industry.

Many companies like Jeunesse are now providing plant wrinkle cream products and sales records have been outstanding because of the good reviews of the product and the admirable results many individuals are attesting to. The new product began to make effect on 2010 and showed exceptional growth in just a year after its introduction. The feedback and comments about facial cream with stem cell technology have all been affirmative and the market for this anti-aging product seems to be developing exponentially.

The Founders of Jeunesse Global are Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, and they started it in 2009. These two people have a great track record of having built large organizations in their earlier period Network marketing companies, which shows they have know-how in the industry. And if you want to access their website, just type in

Jeunesse Global Reviews – The Product Line

They have an extensive range of products, from personal care and beauty to nutritional products. Although they have lots of products, one of them that make them a very accepted firm is Luminesce, and that is their chief product. Most of their distributors and even the company holders believe this is the best skin care product in the globe; Luminenesce is their innovative product. This product is exceptional as it has a unique formula that is out-and-out pending to restore firmness, luminosity and give you smoother skin, thus keeping a young look. And this Luminesce is what individuals are purchasing the most even though they also have superior nutritional product range.

Since the natural regeneration of the skin is a deliberate process which further slows down due to age, it results in the development of wrinkles. When new regenerative cells are functional to the skin, the skin accepts the applied cells and causes them to redevelop, radically increasing the speed of replacing skin cells and reducing the formation of new lines and wrinkle. The process works astonishingly and even though the treatment has been considered taboo and unethical, it is gaining growing approval.

Luminesce offers wrinkle cream formulations with its regenerative properties. The products are consequent of plant materials and incorporated into the facial cream to recuperate the young look of facial skin. This is the most modernized trend in skin care and anti-aging formulations including epidermal healing.

Researchers in the skin care commerce turned to this innovative technology for wrinkle cream formulations after the use of human cells have been debarred for use on cosmetics. It has been the theory that plant stem cells will be used to restore the broken tissues of people. When used as an item in a facial cream and topically applied, these cells have the capability to lessen the evidence of sunlight damage and repair visible lines and wrinkle caused by aging.

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