Keratin Hair Treatment Explained


What is known as “keratin hair treatment” is a hair styling, beauty treatment that makes use of proteins to assist in smoothing out hair cuticles and create great looking straighter and shinier hair. You can usually recognise someone whose hair has been treated with this type of special care. The protein keratin is found naturally in our hair, and keratin treatments are intended to restore the protein to women with frizzy, curly or damaged hair.

There has been some controversy over some salon treatments, as they were found to contain high levels of formaldehyde, so be careful and make sure to select hairdressers that use only the very best products on your hair. Contact them or check out their website and see if they use only top quality hair care products.

How You Can Have Great Looking Hair

  • If you have rough or broken cuticles, your hair will naturally develop into frizzy, which is quite common for those with curly hair because of its naturally curved shape. By applying keratin to your hair it will fill in the rough cuticles and make them smoother, thus reducing frizz and help to straighten hair.
  • A professional hairdresser’s keratin hair straightening in Perth will last for two to three months, depending on the strength of the product and the amount of care being taken.
  • Hair straightening treatments involve the application of a keratin mixture to the hair, which will bond the keratin to the hair via the use of a hot straightening iron and then removing any excess product.
  • After being applied, the hair should not be washed hair for 3 days, to allow the treatment to properly set.
  • After that, you can wash your hair with a special shampoo to lengthen prolong the life of the treatment.
  • After the treatment, people have found that they now have much shinier and straighter hair that need less blow drying or heat styling as it did before the treatment.

Keratin Hair Extensions Explained

  • Keratin hair extensions are long-lasting extensions that are fitted to existing hair.
  • The end of the hair extension is placed in a clear, keratin-based adhesive.
  • Depending on how much keratin will be used, these extensions can be fitted by way of glue, clips, or thermal fusion.
  • These are nowadays the most favoured kinds of hair extensions in Australia and are commonly used for celebrity hair extensions.
  • The extensions can last for up to 5 months, a lot longer than other sorts of extensions.
  • These hair extensions can be taken out easily enough is shown how to properly by a stylist.
  • A unique removal solution is utilised to moisten the keratin bond which then releases the wearer’s real hair from the extensions.
  • A little extra solution may have to be employed to assist in removing any excess adhesive which stays in the hair after extensions removal.

If you’re considering keratin hair straightening or extensions in lovely Perth, make good use of experts in the hairdressing business.

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