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Why Do You Have To Buy A Meditation Cushion

Why Do You Have To Buy A Meditation Cushion

Meditation has been practised for centuries right from Hinduism to Taoism people have been practising meditation to gain concentration and seek solace. Now people irrespective of religion are opting for meditation due to its various benefits right from mental health to holistic healing process which is based on meditative techniques. Having cushions for meditation helps.

Types of cushions – A comprehensive know how

  • Zabuton
  • Zafu
  • Zafus
  • V shaped yoga cushion
  • Zen yoga pillow

Every cushion has its own speciality, it is depends on the individual who wants the kind of cushion and the purpose of it. Various positions adopted from yoga asanas are applied for meditation and each kind may require the cushion to support you in your endeavour.

  • The zabuton is the large cushion or pillow which will allow the whole body be on the pillow while sitting cross legged. You can then place the zafu a smaller cushion under your hips for support of your back and upright position. This way you are allowing the blood to flow properly to your legs and also not arching your back. Zabuton has built in knee support due the large size and they just aren’t going to go overboard when using smaller cushions and having no support when using blankets or mats. The benefit of buying a zabuton is, it can be strapped into half and used as makeshift bolted for your other asanas too.
  • Zafu is the rounded cushion placed below the hips to give you the ideal support and allow you to sit upright comfortably without slouching forward and putting pressure on your knees and legs thus restricting the blood flow to the legs leading to cramps.Zafu can be used alone or along with the zabuton which is a great combo for all your meditation and yoga routines. This cushion will give you proper elevated position for your spine. They are quite great cushions for meditation.
  • V shaped yoga cushion is used so that you can get support for your thighs and pelvis. This pillow is great for people with lower back and knee issues. It gives you more comfort when sitting in a cross legged position. This cushion just provides more support and padding.
  • Zen yoga pillow has more fullness and shape and gives a higher elevation than rest of the cushions mentioned above. It is best people who find it difficult to sit on the floor and need extra cushioning for making them comfortable to sit for a longer time. If not provided would lead to stiff hips, this in case of people who are not comfortable with sitting on the floor, zen pillow provides ample support. People on the larger side find this cushion more comfortable than others as this gives their body total support and none of it is off the cushion hence making them wobbly or unsteady. Here the zabutonand the zen pillow can be used as an added support for the kness while doing other asanas.
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