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The drug and alcohol addiction epidemic is emerging all over the world. With the addiction the individuals are not only the sufferers but also the people around him like parents, friends and relative. Statistical reports say the youth and teens are being attracted more to the drugs and alcohol and are become addicted. Data has taken individually like California alcohol addiction, drug addiction.

The drug and alcohol treatment center is really a boon for the addicts, where treatments are given to the addicts by which they can get out from the addiction and lead a normal life. There are different addiction treatments followed in these centers. For example the California alcohol treatment is different from the treatment given in other centers. No single treatment is suitable for all the addicts. The treatment program depend on the addict’s drug, for how long he has been addicted, body’s response for the drug and also on the personal medical history of the addict.

Alcohol and drug treatment program

In this program detoxification is done from the addicts. Detoxification is the process of elimination of the traces of the toxic substance alcohol or drug. The toxic substances are accumulated in the body with the continuous intake. The alcohol treatment California is individualized. It is based on the severity of the addict’s dependence on the drug or alcohol which can be a 30-day, 60-day 90-day and more. The therapist will decide which treatment has to be followed. It can be done either by inpatient or outpatient basis. The treatment takes in three stages evaluation, stabilization and transition stages. The addicts generally feel the withdrawal symptoms which can be physical or psychological may be moderate to severe.

The therapist evaluates the addict’s history by counseling him, his parents, friends and relatives. The physical and psychological evaluation of the addict is also done by diagnosis, medical records, drug with which being addicted and for how long he is taking the drug. The treatment involves a 12-step programs which includes a series of sequential steps are followed to treat the drug and alcohol addicts.

Generally the rehab centers have a pleasant atmosphere with greenery which helps the addict to recover. These centers will have the qualified and experienced therapists who identify the severity of the problem and guide the treatment program. Apart from the therapist, there are also the supportive staff members who are patient and experienced. These centers not only treat the addiction but also make the addicts to develop positive attitude by learning him the communication skills and also tells him how to be strong to avoid tempting from the drug.

The treatments are safe as it is supervised by the professionals. The addicts can lead a 100% normal life, because they will not allow the addicts out till they are completely recovered and make sure they won’t be relapsed.

Thus the alcohol and drug treatments are successful if the addict could bare the withdrawal symptoms and follow the therapist’s instructions strictly. With the support of the parents and friends the addicts can lead a normal life after recovery.

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