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Hydroxytest- less powerful but effective

Hydroxytest less powerful but effective

Hydroxytestosterone is a kind of testosterone which contains added 4 hydroxyl group that weakens the steroids activity. It consists of diminished anabolic and androgenic ratio, which makes it moderately anabolic i.e. muscle building features and mildly androgenic i.e. the impact on male sexual characteristics. This steroid is so less active or rather produces mil results that if it is taken two times the dose of normal testosterone then it might be able to produce similar result as that of the usual testosterones. Hydroxytestosterone is available in the oral form and as raw powdered form as well but some convert it in the injectable form and use it. It is not prescribed by any doctors or physicians or sold openly, though it is available in the black market. Hydroxytestosterone is commonly referred to as Hydroxytest in the bodybuilding circles. The compound is also available in some online stores by some manufactures.

This steroid is a designer steroid which means the components in the steroid depends upon the manufacturer. The quality, contents, ingredients and side effects of Hydroxytestosterone  which is also referred to as Hydroxytest will depend on from where it is being manufactured and who is the manufacturer. It acts as a trustworthy base for deca-durabolin, dianabol, Equipoise and trenbolone in the cycles which includes bulking. It also provides support to compounds like primobolan, trenbolone, etc. Though it does yield results as high as testosterone, but it is efficient enough to treat low testosterone. The symptoms of low testosterone are varied and numerous in number. Though it might not be life threatening in the beginning but it may be serious and risky in the long run. The symptoms of low testosterone include partial or complete loss o libido; losing of mass in the muscles despite of proper diet and exercise; inability to maintain erection; loss of strength; increase in the body fat; suffering from depression; weak immune system; losing the clarity of mind; not being able to focus properly; unable to sleep i.e. insomnia; lethargy in work; less energy; irritation in very little things and many more. Too many symptoms will not be visible in the early stages of low testosterone.

Though Hydroxytestosterone does not produce the effect as strong as testosterone, but it also helps in enhancing the protein synthesis which means the cells which help in producing proteins in the body are increased; it also increases the nitrogen content; increases the number of red blood cells in the body and few more.  

Steroids are naturally produced in the human body like the sex steroids are produced in the human body. There are naturally produced steroids such as Cortisones, testosterone and cholesterol. Steroids which are consumed externally are synthetic in nature and are consumed by the humans to get the similar effects to that of natural steroids. Synthetic steroids can be found in the shape of a pill, in the form of powder, as injections, in the form of eye drops or creams. Steroids are taken in to reduce the inflammation in the body, to increase the growth of lean tissues and to improve one’s appetite.

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