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Know about breastfeeding your baby

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Breastfeeding is the process by which a newborn or a baby sucks the nutritious milk out of the breasts of his or her mother. While it sounds and looks very simple, the first time moms have a hard time adjusting to it. But the baby must have a mother’s milk for its proper growth, development of immunity and also nutrition at least until he learns to eat a balanced diet of solid food.

Each mother has her own best position for breastfeeding baby as it depends on her what feels the most comfortable. As a mother you must try and test a lot of ways to finally find that perfect position for the both of you and your baby. There are numeroustypes of positions for breastfeeding a baby, classified on where you are feeding your newborn and what kind of delivery you have undergone, your sleeping position and everything else. They each have their own benefits and drawbacks.

The first time you will be breastfeeding your baby, you will probably be lying on your side with your baby facing you. Put a small pillow on the back of your baby and also behind him and fix him in a way that he doesn’t have to turn his head. Hold him or her as close as possible without blocking his or her nose and let him latch on to your best properly. This is called the side lying position.

Another thing thatyou must care about is the proper latching of your baby to the nipple. For the perfect latching, baby should be her near, firmly and at the level of your areola. You can also help the baby to feed, especially during the first few weeks, by pressing on the outer sides of your breast by your free hand. Never forget to check if your breasts are blocking his nose or not, as it may lead to chocking of your baby.

If you had Caesarean section for the delivery or have large breasts, the best position for you should be the purse or football hold. This position helps you to prevent any kind of extra pressure on your stomach. The laid back position is best for mothers with small breasts. This position is also known as biological nursing position. You can try the cradle hold when you are out in public as it doesn’t mandate lying down on a platform. The crossover hold you get your opposite hand free, good for those times when you want to feed it on your active hand side breast.

Always vary from position to position to find your best positions for breastfeeding. If your baby is withdrawing milk in a steady, rhythmic motion it shows that the latching and the position are perfect. Breastfeeding bras are the bras which provide easy access to your nipples to the baby; they can be worn in public so that you can easily feed them. Also, there are baby feeding counters in malls, trains and other public places to ensure privacy and comfort.

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