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Laser Vaginal Therapy: Everything To Keep In Mind Before Trying It

Laser Vaginal

A woman’s genital is sensitive to a lot of things. This is why it needs protection. Aside from having a healthy living and making use of safe feminine wash products, it’s also imperative that women attend to doctors for advice and consultation. In some cases, women who are diagnosed with a variety of gynecologic issues have to experience a special kind of therapy for all year round protection.

A lot of questions revolve around laser vaginal therapy – how it works & what are some associated benefits and risks to it. Since the vagina is such an important part of a woman’s body, it’s important to understand a lot of things about this. Getting invested in a particular therapy without any know-how can be very bad. Keep in mind that achieving great results is important, so as your safety.

How this therapy works

First off, you’ll have to understand that it’s only be managed by a certified and licensed expert – not by anyone who claims to be a pro. After assessing a patient’s condition, a doctor then applies a special numbing cream to the vaginal opening. The laser treatment will not be applied immediately. It could take a couple of minutes to perform to ensure that the results will be effective.


A menopausal period is a crucial stage for women. As the vagina becomes dry, it causes agony during intercourse. Women who have such condition can’t have sex at all and this is when they can be a possible candidate for this kind of treatment. There are also other gynecological conditions which doctors have to observe before they recommend such laser therapy. Overall, it helps women with their conditions.

Does it satisfy the patients?

A study that tested this method found out that 84% percent of women who have experienced such treatment is reported to be satisfied with the procedure. In another study, nearly 90% percent or 108 of 120 patients experience a reduction in pain during an intercourse following such therapy. Due to the high satisfaction rate and remarkable benefits, a lot of people are interested to spend investments.

Side effects?

As for patients who will decide to undergo this therapy, they could experience bleeding, but these side effects may only last for a couple of days. It’s important that they initially weigh the upsides and downsides, so they’ll figure out whether such option is good or not – specifically with their present condition.


Following the procedure, patients are advised to listen to the tips and instructions of their doctors. Since everyone recovers differently, it matters that they should limit their vices and schedule a helping hand from friends and family members. Routine tasks are highly encouraged as long as there is no heavy lifting involved. Rigorous exercises, on the other hand, should be prevented during the recovery period. There are, of course, other important tips and sound advice which patients have to observe in order to have a smooth recovery period.

Choosing a trustworthy doctor for the process

It’s invariably important to choose a physician who has a high level of expertise and experience. Especially when it concerns women’s condition, no one must gamble their welfare and health only to save a few dollars. Safety is still a paramount thing, after all.

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