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Modern Approaches to Address Brain Based Disorders and Neurological Dysfunctions


Neuroengineering also refers to Neural Engineering is a combination of medical science and engineering. With the emergence of this next generation concept now neuroscientists, neuro-physicians and clinicians can deal with the most critical issues related to the complexities of human brain and nervous system. When it comes to the area of medical science, Neuroengineering is an extremely potential interdisciplinary research approach that brings together neuroscience and engineering and has unlocked an avenue to analyze and design the rehabilitation procedures of varieties of neurological and brain based disorders more accurately and successfully.

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona Dr. Curtis Cripe, is a globally distinguished neuroengineer and scientist whose pioneering research concepts and rehab systems has come up in the headlines in the recent years as a state-of-the-art management system for the remedy of cognitive dysfunctions. The way he has utilized this gigantic area of possibility in new generation applied neuroscience for superior management of neurological problems found in millions of people world across has been highly appreciated. The devoted neuroscientist specialized in behavioral medicine has established the Crossroads Institute that utilizes the unique scopes of internet procedure and telemedicine to offer online training and medication solutions.

Dr. Curtis has now also been operating as the head, Research and Development cell in NTL group wherefrom he has successfully presented the world with the most cutting-edge solutions like NeuroCodex and NeuroCoach designed to repair cognitive and brain dysfunctions. With his vast knowledge, experience and expertise spanning the multidisciplinary areas included with psychology, psychophysiology, Neuroengineering, aerospace engineering and medical software development, he has been activated to provide matchless recovery solutions related to brain injury, child neurodevelopment disorders and addiction recovery.

Curtis Cripe is supported by his undergraduate and graduation degrees from the distinguished California State Polytechnic University with specialization in aerospace engineering. Further, he completed his Master’s degree and subsequently, pursued PhD. specializing in human health psychology and behavioral medicine from the North Central University of Arizona. The well-known scientist has spend quite a long time of his career serving for Jet Propulsion Lab, a NASA group enterprise at its California headquarters as the Senior Systems Engineer. During his continuation with JPL, he took active part a numbers of projects related to NASA’s aerospace exploration resulting in the most successful landing in Mars.

At present, in his key role at Crossroads, Curtis Cripe has been equipped with core team medical scientific researches, analysts, psychotherapist and physicians from related fields. He guides, oversees and directs his R & D team on regular basis to deliver the best solutions to mental victims worldwide. At NTL, he has been responsible to research, analysis and development of BrainRecoveryTM, a patented solution and CRT program (Cognitive Rehabilitation Technique) aimed to help kids to elderly and teens get rid of the deadly cognitive complexities caused by drug abuse, medicine side effects, mental stress, brain injury and other issues concerning human nervous systems. Backed by a great network spreading 7 states with twelve research hubs Crossroads team has been assisting thousands of unfortunate parents with children victims of ADD, ADHD, ASD or Autism and other brain relational developmental dysfunctions.

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