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Pine pollen has been used in numerous parts of the world as folk medicine for its various benefits on wellness and health. Testosterone provides men secondary sex male features and it is manufactured in the body as primary male hormone. Raw pollen has been extracted from the sperm (male) of pine trees.  A yellow color powder substance is there on the male pine trees that look similar to miniature corncobs and the very tiny pollen grains (of that yellow color dust) blow in the air and then for using in the commercial usage they have been harvested.

Pine pollen is an androgen and is considered to be a super food. It not only helps in boosting the endocrine system and immune system health and functions but also contains various components such as superoxide dismutase, glutathione, MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane), testosterone and DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone). Many of natural products already have testosterone, DHEA and an antioxidant glutathione.

High levels of phytosterols, androgens as well as testosterone are there in the pollen that are perceived better for promoting a balance between the two sex hormones such as estrogen and androgens. It helps in skin care, anti aging benefits, improving the immune system and its functioning and detoxification of toxins from the human body as they are believed to be packed with various nutrients. More importantly it helps in enhancing the balance of endocrine hormones such as estrogen and testosterone.

Testosterone is basically a primary male hormone whereas estrogen is a primary female hormone. As male produces small amounts of estrogen, it is surprised to know that females also produces small amounts of hormones. There should be proper balance to be maintained carefully in all the hormones that are found within the human body. Regardless of the type of hormones there is a great impact on the effectiveness and functioning of various hormones as well as various body organs and body system.

The body builders and athletes use natural dietary supplements in order to improve strength endeavors and building muscle, helps in weight loss and increase the testosterone levels. It has been marketed that it has real male hormone in genuine androgenic form (same hormone chemical structure produced by the body). Depend on the manufacturer and the brand pine pollen is a source of protein. It contains two dozen amino acids, dozens of vitamins, minerals, hundred enzymes and essential fatty acids. The consumption more than the normal range has high potential of various side effects as increase in estrogen can lead to various unpleasant adverse effects such as increase in aggression, development of male breasts and moodiness.

If the person wants to use testosterone and pine pollen then he must start with one so as to consider the safety. Never mix the two (testosterone and pine pollen) as the body can react according to the mg strength of the supplement. Boosters have ingredients that can boost the production of hormone in the body through glandular and pituitary support.

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