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If you know how to handle a narcissist rarely will you receive any back lash from him. If anything, praises make a narcissist endear himself to you because he feels important thanks to how you treat him. There are people who have learnt how to take advantage of narcissist because they know what makes the person tick and what makes him happy. There are men who have been swindled because they were only too happy with the praises they received.

It is easy find a narcissist always buying drinks for his friends because they know praises always make him happy. They may not even understand narcissism and how it works. To them, they have read his personality and they know that if they want favors, all they need to do is begin singing a narcissist’s praises and he will give in. Unfortunately, not everyone can do this, especially if you live or work with a narcissist. You will likely criticize him at some point and this is where the narcissistic abuse starts.

The different reactions you should expect from a narcissist

Impatience and anger

When a narcissist feels like they have not been given that special treatment they think they deserve, he will likely lash out in anger. He will also become agitated and this may result in the potential victim, especially one who has a weak personality to tremble in fear. The end result will likely be paranoia and attempts to never criticize the narcissist again.

Rage and contempt

One of the first reactions by a narcissist is rage. Rage at being slighted. Rage at being treated as unimportant. This rage often gives way to contempt and the end result is attempts to belittle their victim. Most narcissists do this very well because they hardly ever forget whenever someone criticizes them. The critic will now become a target of scorn and belittling and if the narcissist succeeds in doing this, it shall be the norm. The aim is for the narcissist to feel superior to the person who dared criticize and demean what he was doing or saying.

Depressions and moodiness

If a narcissist fails to turn the table on his critic, then he will most likely sink to depression and in a bad mood. He may not be able to lash out to the person who brought on this reaction, especially if the person is superior to him, like his employer but he will find a victim. It may be his juniors at work or his partner at home, but someone will pay his maltreatment, according to him. Such victims of narcissistic abuse may not be directly involved but because they are able to take in whatever the narcissist unleashes, then they make the perfect scape goats.

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