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Selecting a Liposuction Surgeon You Can Trust

Liposuction Surgeon

A surgeon’s ethical standards, reputation for excellent liposuction results and satisfied patients, are of the utmost importance when you’re looking for a surgeon. Unfortunately, not all cosmetic surgeons are experienced in administering liposuction. The best breast surgeon or facelift surgeon may have insufficient skills and training conducting liposuction. If you’re considering liposuction you should ask former patients, friends and doctors who might know about a prospective surgeon’s reputation.

Safety First

Several surgeons now realise and recognise that there is a limit the maximum amount of liposuction that an individual can safely handle on one single day. When selecting a liposuction surgeon, you should consider the surgeon’s philosophy regarding safety.

Is the Surgeon Well Trained?

Extensive training in preventing liposuction complications may be more important than experience in taking care of a liposuction complication. If you were forced to choose between two perfectly equally qualified liposuction surgeons, would you rather go with a surgeon who never had to deal with a liposuction-related emergency, or would you rather have a liposuction surgeon who has had experience handling several related emergencies? For the best liposuction results and a surgeon you can trust look to board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr Scamp from the top liposuction surgery clinic in the Gold Coast.

Avoid Marketing Hype

No surgical speciality can truthfully claim that its training in liposuction is more advanced to that of any other surgical speciality. There is zero published data on liposuction safety where any speciality can base a general claim of superiority. Please do not be fooled by an advertising agency’s nonsense.

Liposuction Safety Has Improved

Modern liposuction is now much more improved than in the past. It is essential that an individual interested in liposuction know what the safest surgical techniques are and which ones are outdated.


Expertise in emergency management of surgical and medical complications is important. It is reasonable to expect and ask that every liposuction surgeon be trained in emergency management of potential complications associated with liposuction.

Other Important Attributes

Some more important attributes of a surgeon that cannot be taught are integrity, high ethical standards, aesthetic and artistic sensibility. The ability to recognise and avoid unnecessarily harmful situations are excellent qualities in any surgeon.

Surgicenter Accreditation

Surgicenter Accreditation is required only if the anaesthetic technique involves the use of general anaesthesia or heavy IV sedation that might compromise a patient’s protective airway reflexes. When liposuction is done entirely by local anaesthesia, then an accredited surgical facility is not required. Although, surgeons who specialise in liposuction and consistently conduct liposuction solely by local anaesthesia usually want accreditation of their clinic facility.


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