Significance of contraction timer

contraction timer

In case you think that you are heading to labor then a contraction timer pregnancy would help you to determine whether you need to head over to the hospital. A stopwatch or a calculator will help you keep track of the contractions but this is not going to be that precise. A pregnancy contraction timer does appear to be a handy tool to rely for the would be mothers. There are some tools that are available on the internet that would record the contractions automatically for you. One can download and share it with their family as well their relatives.

How are you going to use the contractions?

When you feel a sensation of tightening you would need to press the start button. This would point to the starting phase of a single contraction. The moment you are feeling the uterus relaxed press the stop button. You would need to repeat the contractions as and when the process continues. This would enable you to check out the contractions. Close to 8 readings are necessary to check out the frequency along with the length of the contractions.

What is the definition of the preterm contractions?

The true contractions begin at the back and it would spread towards the abdomen. The false ones are known by the name of Braxton Hicks. This tends to take place at the belly and would go on to cause a hardening of it. It is not going to be that painful. At a single moment you are going to feel 4 to 5 and then it would go on to disappear all of a sudden. The true ones get painful and increase in frequency over a period of time. When it is the case of false contractions it does prepare your body for the hard days ahead. They are short and irregular which means that it would not be that painful. The false one start in the 5 or the 7th month and this would go on till the time of delivery.

Other points of consideration

The moment you are heading to labor it would replicate a situation of period gains. You are likely to have cramps, backache or a combination of both. An acne or heavy feeling is witnessed in the lower portion of the tummy as well. You are going to feel the false contractions in the back or the groin area. Once again this may differ from one woman to the

The false contractions you feel in the groin or the front area. It could also originate at the back and then it would move towards the front as well.

If the frequency of the contractions does go on to increase within 3 to 4 minute and even after lying on the left side does not decrease it is high time you get in touch with the doctor or proceed to the hospital.

It is better that you provide the doctor with the details of the contraction or are they come close together.

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