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Signs That You Need an Eye Exam at Rochester NY

Eye Exam

According to AOA or the American Optometric Association, you should go to at least one annual eye exam.

If you neglect to go to an eye exam annually, your eyes will start to depreciate as you age. Therefore, the worst thing that you can do is to wait for your eyes to tell you that you should visit an expert.

You should click here to visit American Optometric Association’s official website.

In case you find yourself rubbing your eyes a lot, or holding things far from your face to see them clearly, it is a first sign that you have reduced eyesight. Losing the focus on the things around you is the sign of aging, and generally, it tends to happen to most of us.

Remember that presbyopia happens with age, which means that lenses inside our eyes tend to lose flexibility. However, you may have potential vision issues that could only get worse if you neglect to go-to professional.

If you had to wear glasses from a young age, you might find yourself that you can operate without them with ease.

However, as you neglect to wear them, you will cause other issues and only reduce the sight. You can get to a point where you cannot see anything without glasses, which is a point of no return.

At the same time, when you reach the forties, you may have problems with reading. Even though you were farsighted from the very start, when you become senior, you will not be able to see up close as well.

We decided to present your most common signs that you need an eye exam as soon as possible:

1.Your Head Hurts aroundthe Eyes Too Often

As soon as eyes starting to lose focus, you will experience mild to intense headaches. Remember that the frontal headache is the typical sign that you need reading glasses or that your current prescription is too strong.

If you have reached forty years old, frontal headache means that you need to get a progressive prescription to handle close, intermediate, and distant ranges.

The severity of headache will affect your vision as well as lifestyle. That is why you need to visit an eye doctor as soon as possible. Remember that ocular migraines can produce an aura or shiny spots in your vision that can temporarily blur both peripheral and central vision.

Even though these auras tend to last approximately twenty minutes, you will experience severe headaches afterward. Check this link: to learn more about ocular migraines in general.

Ocular migraines tend to happen due to numerous reasons, which is why you should conduct an eye exam to determine whether the cause is poor eyesight or prescription.

On the other hand, visual disturbances can happen due to other issues such as lack of blood supply to optic nerve, retina, or retinal tear. These issues can also lead to ocular migraines, among other things.

If the headache happens with the blurred vision, you may have swollen optic nerve or optic neuritis. This particular problem is an emergency, because blurred peripheral vision, in combination with headaches, can happen due to stroke.

Therefore, you need to be proactive before something happens.

2.You Are Losing the Eye Focus

When something happens with your vision, that could mean a few things. If your child cannot readcorrectly from the blackboard, it started to develop myopia.

When it comes to adults, if you cannot see the street signs, it means that you need to update your prescription because your eye health has changed.

As soon as we enter our forties, it gets more challenging to read labels and ingredients on things we purchase. You will not experience the lights as you used to, and that is the initial sign that you should visit your eye doctor.

Imagine going on a romantic date, and you cannot read the menu. It is probably related to aging, which is why you need to start correcting sight to prevent further issues such as the inability to focus while driving.

It is essential to conduct an eye exam as soon as you notice that your vision has changed. That way, you will be able to determine whether your eyes are still healthy because sometimes the severe issues start as the sight loss.

This particular website will help you understand the importance of going to regular eye exams.

3.Your Eyes Are Getting Dryer

The common condition for both men and women is that the eyes are becoming drier with age. This could lead to numerous problems, from reflexive tearing to blurred vision. According to statistics, in the U.S., approximately 17.2 million people suffer from dry eyes.

The problems that happen with distance vision are not as problematic as you think so, because you can fix it by finding the proper prescription. However, eye discharge and redness can lead to both discomfort and pain, which means that you need to address it immediately.

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