Skin Care & Make-up surgery for which you want care for each “summer” season and “winter”

Beauty Tips

In order to keep beautiful skin throughout the year it is is the point at which skin care nor make-up will continue to adjust to every season while consultation with the skin condition.

Beauty TipsIn particular season you want to be careful is, winter and summer.
This season it would be harsh period for the skin.
I this time, will introduce a skin care and make-up points that you want careful in the winter and summer seasons.

■ skin care of the “winter” & Makeup

I would like in particular paying attention in the winter season is “moisturizing” to the skin.
If you think that there is Na has been dry even a little skin in the air conditioning or outside air of impact, please put so good a lotion and beauty solution even over makeup.

After, cleansing is that not as much as possible burden to the skin.
I let wash feeling to remove the dirt of the pores in the silky foam lather bubbles.

After that, after wiping the moisture with a towel lightly, and finally with a basic cosmetics.
Beauty solution, type “ceramide” has been formulated is recommended because the more power up the moisturizing.
those moisturizing pack also want to do is about two times a week.
In particular, paint and towards the type of pack that hardens will moisture the skin if there is a sealing performance.

Makeup is where you want to recommend Powder Foundation Given the tenderness of the skin, but if that “I gonna stand out is absolutely powder float it’s powder …”, you try using the foundation of the batter type of Solid ? Foundation of this type, but moist than the powder, should not take the burden to the skin than the cream type.

Winter season rustling is a concern from the outside air and the air conditioning of influence.
During the day, if you think Na are thirsty skin even a little, as soon as the “moisturizing care”! This is the secret that does not make a small wrinkle.

■ of “summer” Skin Care & Makeup

You would like with a particular care in the care of the summer of skin is “UV protection”.
Summer, even compared to the winter, because there are a lot of UV dose, will be able to immediately stain When would go out without painted a sunscreen.
The bad is off guard and is “so much if would be okay!” Hey go out even during Please, firmly UV cut in such sunscreen cream and umbrellas and hats!

Since the summer you will wear a sunscreen cream on a daily basis, it will be completely about reclamation ultraviolet prevention, but it is not lacking a considerable burden to the skin at the same time.

Here’s important for skin, It is a sunscreen cream choose.
Because too large a burden on the skin and much SPF is too strong, as long as it is within the range of everyday life, it is enough okay of the order of “SPF20”.

The point is also to Fill sunscreen much “SPF20” is! I think several times or recoating was better to part of the easy cheekbones Atari sun.
Also part the powder foundation, but please put particular firm.

I think summer is especially such as in the makeup is anxious season sweat.
Makeup the morning of skin care and make-up in order to prevent is, or use the oil is less beauty solution, you can do not use the milk, let’s devised, such as try to reduce the oil content than the basic skin care.
(Since it is put to calculate the oil coming out from sebum)

Ultraviolet light to clean to the strong after sweat the oyster easy summer skin is very cumbersome but please try your best skin care and make-up by pressing these points.

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