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Sleeping with Mouth Open Causes Tooth Decay & Halitosis

sleeping with an open mouth

Do you sleep keeping your mouth open? Is this a regular scene or an occasional? If you are regular and this has been continuing since your childhood, you must know that your dental health is not at its best at all. Experts have mentioned that people sleeping with open mouth generates various conditions, especially within their mouth, that can be the reason for ill-health. You have to be very careful about your oral health as it can affect your complete health in various ways. 

Risks associated with sleeping with an open mouth 

For getting a complete idea about the risks and dangers associated with sleeping open mouth, you must know the factors in detail. You can also ask your dentist about sleep before they put you under a serious treatment schedule. Some of the risks are- 

  • If you are sleeping, an open mouth that means you breathe through your mouth and itself. This process is harmful to your health. Children can develop crooked teeth, poor growth, deformities in facial growth and shape. Adults can get affected by gum disease, and bad breath is very common for them too. 
  • The most serious part is sleeping your mouth open can worsen other diseases sheltered in your body. 
  • Constant breathing with an open mouth can lead to a dry and sore throat every day when you wake up. Moreover, you remain irritated and tired after sleeping the night. This also ensures fragile health and the immune system, which eventually affects the teeth and oral health. 
  • Halitosis, commonly known as bad breath, is a common outcome of regular open mouth sleeping for adults and children. 
  • You will surely get affected by periodontal diseases like tooth cavities and others. Such problems will continue to bother you for years even if you treat them. You can develop severe throat infections, which may take a longer time to treat. 
  • The low level of oxygen in the blood is also another side effect of sleeping with an open mouth. This can become fatal for individuals who already have heart diseases or problems with blood pressure. 

Among all these disadvantages and threats of sleeping with an open mouth, the experts prioritize the heart issues and the condition of oral health the most. Oral health can affect complete body health in multiple ways. So, you should consult a dentist if you have some serious issues with your teeth. 


Nowadays, you will see a common trend that dentists marketing themselves as educators of dental health and trying to help out the patients with medicines and other measures and mentally. They are talking to the patients and trying to reach the bottom of the causes to find remedies that will be long-lasting. 

The most common remedy is making the breathing process normal with the nose and the common breathing system. You should start with sleeping straight with your back in the mattress so the nose gets enough oxygen to breathe. For saving your teeth, consult a dentist and try to learn the intensity of damage that already has been done and how to cope with it. Both cavities and Halitosis can get treated with proper treatment and medication. 

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