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How To Buy Best Safety Gears To Fight Coronavirus?


The surgency of Coronavirus in India and arcana mutation all around the world including the UK, California has seen a new peak at the onset of 2021. The strength and unknowing facts of this mutated Coronavirus strain have already shaken the world and brought it to its knees. With health line and economic sources already on the brink, common people have deeply shaken up with the aftermath. After many blunder mistakes such as allowing and preponing Kumbh Mela, massive gathering for elections, marriages and similar social events, the hemmed and hawed government finally realised the situation, generated strict lockdown and speedy vaccination campaign orders.

And people are still puzzled what are the best things they can do to avoid getting infected. Apart from staying at home and maintaining isolation as best as possible, they can get a stock of safety gears to fight Coronavirus.

So, here we are, to tell you the best ways to buy the best safety gears to fight Coronavirus.

Selecting Best Face Masks

While this ongoing situation is creating more and more panic, we must stay calm by taking all the preventive and precautionary steps to fight it. We absolutely have to wear face masks!

You can always add some personality and invest in designer ethnic masks online but do not forget to put two layers, as advised by experts in recent days.

  1. Choose a cotton face mask (for optimum comfort and breathability).
  2. Pick a mask with a high ply number (a high ply number means more layers).
  3. Make sure it is fit and no leaks.

Selecting Appropriate Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizer is a very important weapon to keep a distance from this fatal disease. On one hand, this has become a crucial part to maintain a good hygiene routine and stop the COVID-19 pandemic chain; on the other hand, there is a lot of substandard hand sanitizer available in the market right now. Let’s see, how to choose an appropriate sanitizer:

  1. Make sure the alcohol content in the sanitizer is at least 70%.
  2. Ensure ‘Ethanol’ is in the ingredient because it has proven to be more effective than isopropyl alcohol against viruses.
  3. Soothing elements in sanitizer will be extra good.
  4. Select a more recognised and proven brand.

Buying Proper Protective Gloves

According to CDC, gloves should be worn when visiting any mall shop, grocery store, cleaning, picking up food or even interacting with people to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread. Here are tips to buy appropriate protective gloves.

  1. Look for hand gloves that are thick and stretchy. They are easy to wear and durable as well. These are better for medical purposes.
  2. To prevent contamination, buy disposable gloves. In this case, plastic transparent gloves would be a better match for personal uses.

Shop For Right Face Shields

Face shield is no replacement for your face mask or ethnic masks online but an additional layer of protection against COVID-19.

  1. Choose a clear face shield, better if scratch and fog resistant.
  2. Choose vehemently crafted shields. Shields made of durable material are easy to use as well.
  3. Make sure the fit and size are as per your desired dimensions.

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