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Tailor’s Bunion- Answered Most Asked Questions

Tailor's Bunion

A bony lump forming along the side of the little toe is the tailor’s bunion. Atoka Tailor’s bunion went into the realms of this painful lump forming on little toe, to crack the treatment and the causes.

With this blog we will let you know the symptoms, causes and the best treatment of tailor bunion. This short guide will answer all the basic questions one might have for tailor bunion.

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A swollen bump on the outside of the little toe cannot be ignored after a few days. Appearance of the bump on the outside of the little toe is the symptom. The bump will start to grow larger with time and also becomes red. The pain is highly felt when the bump gets disturbed or moved while wearing shoes or any footwear, even the socks.

Bunions are very common to get on both feet. Bunions are not naturally happening bump, something triggers them to happen. Below are the list of causes of tailor’s bunion.


Poorly fitting shoes is the most common cause of bunion. It can be high heels or even flat shoes. Some of the other causes are:

Inheritance: Some people get the bunion because of genetics. The causes here can be anything because of the inheritance.

Bone position: Another most neglected cause of bunion is abnormal position of the little toe. The abnormal position will cause the bone to move out of the place and with regular occurrence, the bump is observed with pain and redness.

Other: Some of the other causes of bunion is inverted foot, loose ligaments, regular crossed leg sitting or tight calf muscles. Repeating these activities will lead to redness and bulge. However, this can be controlled if treatment is taken care of without any delay.


It is highly advised to speak with the foot & ankle specialist immediately after noticing the little toe position changes. The medical experts will run the medical charts to check the symptoms and the condition of the bunion. There are certain nonsurgical therapies that are recommended by medical experts. However nonsurgical therapy is recommended depending on the size of the bump. Some of the highly effective nonsurgical therapy are:

  • Icing the bump several times a day.
  • Injections of corticosteroid.
  • Wearing wide toe box shoes.
  • Using bunion pads for pain relief.
  • Having medicines as per the recommendations.

To Close

Tailor Bunion might look like a very small bump on your little toe but the pain and the future treatment can give you a very hard time. It is recommended to get in touch with your doctor for the immediate treatment and therapy.

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