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Teeth Whitening – How to Keep Teeth White

teeth whitening

What we are mainly concerned with here is the maintenance of our white teeth. This includes the various ways to clean and avoidance of habits that cause stains and discoloration. Apart from the teeth whitening procedure maintaining the teeth is the next most important aspect for white teeth.

On the other hand it does not make any sense to spend your money whitening your teeth at the dentist. Then you do not care for them. Furthermore it’s in your best interest to have white teeth and clean mouth. Besides it is healthy to maintain your teeth.

In the article discussed are the various tips for maintaining your white teeth.

Brushing of Teeth

As a matter of fact this is the most important part in maintaining your white teeth as well as hygiene. Make sure you brush at least twice a day and after every meal in order to remove any left food and particles in between teeth. While brushing use a soft-bristled brush.

Brushing teeth should be a habit that is consistent for the best results.

Eating diet

Secondly you should avoid the ingredients that give stain to your teeth. Foods such as coffee, red wine and products that contain tobacco contain substance that stains the teeth. Additionally acidic foods are also not good for the teeth since they weaken the enamel. However after consumption of such food it is wise to rinse with water and cleaning afterward.

Regular Flossing

If you want to prevent cavities flossing is recommended at least once every day. This method involves cleaning in between every tooth. However you have to be gentle not to cause damage to the tooth or the gum.

Dental Check up

A regular visit to your dentist not only helps maintain the whiteness of the teeth but also assist in prevention of any problem that may occur. Additionally the dentist will give advice and recommendation on the proper maintenance mechanism.

Whitening toothpaste

The regular use of whitening toothpaste will maintain the whitening effect on your teeth for a long time. Thus the whitening paste is a great refreshing agent used each day. 

Other whitening products and services

Apart from the whitening paste there are other products such as whitening strips which can be bought from over the counter. Second we have gels that have been recommended by the ADA. However before using any of these products you should read the instructions.

Whitening services

Finally after a while you should visit your dentist to remove the stains that have accumulated. Besides a regular visit to the dentist will help you determine if your teeth should be bleached or not. This regular whitening procedure will ensure your teeth remain whiter for long. 


When it comes to teeth whitening, a regular maintenance and a proper care is important. Clearly healthy teeth all depend with the kind of maintenance that is given. Moreover a daily and consistent teeth cleaning accompanied by a regular visit to the dentist will result to a healthy, white teeth.

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