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The Advantages Of Having A Primary Care Doctor


Like how a teacher at school acts as an anchor for kids, a primary care doctor plays a crucial role in an individual’s health care. Primary care doctors are experts in family medicine, pediatrics, or internal medicine. Unsurprisingly, persons who see these physicians report fewer fatalities from cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, and more. Dr. Leslie Gaskill Johns Creek affirms the significance of primary care physicians by acknowledging they are linked with a longer lifespan. Continue reading to discover why you should consider a primary care doctor visit.

Continuity of Care

Primary care doctors are responsible for providing patients with comprehensive treatment. Regular checkups with the same physician foster a mutually beneficial connection. With time, the primary care doctor builds a full picture of the patient’s health, which enables more accurate disease diagnosis. In addition to collaborating with other physicians and medical providers, a primary care physician keeps track of the specialist care a patient receives.

Medication Management

Millions of Americans use prescription medications for various illnesses and conditions. However, since different doctors frequently prescribe varying medications, there is always the possibility of adverse drug reactions. A primary care doctor can function as a gatekeeper by monitoring the patient’s prescriptions and noting any changes in frequency or dosage that may result in adverse side effects.

Numerous electronic medical record technologies used in doctors’ offices nowadays will indicate pharmaceutical contraindications automatically. As such, the practitioner can discuss any adverse effects with the patient. The primary care doctor may then prescribe medication modifications or speak with prescribing physicians to optimize the patient’s pharmaceutical regimen.

Time Savings

Once a patient has a well-established relationship with a primary care physician, difficulties that arise between yearly checkups could frequently be handled immediately. Whereas it varies on the sort of symptoms and their severity, most doctors can offer professional healthcare services through the phone or email. The greater the familiarity your primary doctor has with your individual and family history, the more effective your provider can be in determining the optimal course of treatment. Most patients appreciate the time savings brought about by these telehealth services.


The more a doctor knows about your general health, the more probable they can anticipate health concerns. With a complete health profile, your primary care doctor may offer tests to evaluate your risk of acquiring specific diseases, including cardiac illness, diabetes, and even cancer. If you are at greater risk for illness, your primary care physician can suggest lifestyle modifications necessary to reduce that risk and avoid illness.

Behavioral Health

A primary care doctor’s scope of practice encompasses the management of a patient’s mental health. At primary care doctor’s visits these days, teenagers and adults are examined for common mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, addiction, and more. Even better, having worked with a primary physician for a long time, they understand the patient better, which means they can easily identify if you have unusually negative emotions or changed perspectives on life.

Primary care sounds like a vague and wide term. However, primary care doctors are central to quality healthcare, providing various services, ranging from preventative care and condition management to emergency care. The continuity of care you will enjoy with a primary care doctor will help you receive the finest possible care.

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