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Top 5 Foot & Ankle Symptoms That You Should Never Ignore

Foot & Ankle Symptoms

Whether you’re a sportsman, or maybe you walk from your home to the grocery, foot and ankle conditions are likely to occur to you at some point in life. In most cases, such situations are debilitating as they negatively impact your quality of life and may lower your productivity. Millions of adults in the United States report cases of foot and ankle injuries to their doctors each year. Fortunately, this doesn’t necessarily mean the pain is inevitable since the Brooklyn foot and ankle trauma treatments can help alleviate your condition.

However, it can become challenging to differentiate whether the pain you feel in your feet is general or a result of a severe injury. To stay on the safer side of the divide, the top five foot and ankle signs prove your condition is severe.

1. Immense pain when standing or sitting

One of the typical signs that your foot is unwell is experiencing pain, especially when you exert weight on the affected foot. However, since the pain can result from minor or major injuries, it is imperative to seek the leading cause of the pain. For instance, if pain emerges in both your feet, rest can help stabilize it. On the other hand, if the pain is severe in one of your feet, you are more likely to suffer from a foot and ankle injury.

2. Restricted range of motion

The main symptom that proves your condition is worrying is when you are restricted from standing or walking. This typically shows that though your situation was mild, its current stage is severe and that you should seek instant help. For instance, when your ankle is severely sprained, it damages the ligaments badly to the point you’re unable to flex, bend or turn your foot. When your condition reaches such a point, please don’t ignore these symptoms, as they can affect your mobility in the long run.

3. Foot and ankle bruising or swelling

Regardless of the position of your foot, the pain will be felt as long as the ligament is damaged. Typically, when you tear a ligament in your foot or ankle, your body tries to repair and protect from the damage. This leads to the inflammation response to start working towards healing, causing bruising and swelling in the affected area. You can quickly notice this symptom and must report it to a specialist before it goes out of hand.

4. Tenderness around your feet and ankle

You can also determine whether or not you have a foot injury through a touch. Although general soreness is typical and can be helped with icing and massage, experiencing sharp-piercing pain when you touch your foot or ankle signifies you might suffer from an injury.

5. That “pop” feeling and immediate pain

Have you ever rolled your ankle and felt a popping sound? This majorly occurs when fibers of a ligament or tendon in your ankles tear. Some swelling effects also follow in the area surrounding your ankle. The pain resulting from ankle sprains and strains is usually severe and can worsen further if you don’t seek immediate medical attention.

It’s not a wonder that your feet contribute immensely to your everyday activities. Therefore, you cannot overlook its importance and should give your feet and ankle the relevant attention they deserve. With preventive measures and medical help, you are guaranteed the safety of your feet in the long run.

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