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The Importance of Your Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioner

When it comes to getting the medical care that you need throughout your life everyone thinks of a doctor. They think of going to the doctor, or specifically the OB/GYN, whenever they need something. But have you ever thought about the other person in the room? The nurse practitioner?

Your nurse practitioner is actually doing a great deal to help you receive the level of care that you need as well. This is the right-hand-woman for your OB/GYN and they’re the ones who are going to start the process of getting you the treatment that you need.

When you first walk into an office for your appointment the first person you’re going to talk with is the nurse practitioner. They’re going to talk to you about why you’re there, what you’re experiencing and even things like how long you’ve been experiencing it or how it affects you. They’re going to take down all of the notes about what you have to say.

Not only that, but they’re going to get your vitals like height, weight, blood pressure and more. They’re going to get all of your information ready so that when your OB/GYN comes into the room they already have a bit of information to start helping you. After all, even though your OB/GYN is fully focused on you as soon as they walk through that door, they have a lot of patients in a single day.

Without your nurse practitioner to take down all of the information you have and provide it to the doctor it would be very difficult for them to take care of you the way that they do. With so much going on and so many people and tasks pulling them in all directions, doctors rely on their nurse practitioners to smooth things out for them.

When you tell your San Antonio women’s health nurse practitioner what’s going on, you may not even realize just how much they already know based on that criteria. They can help your doctor to better understand you even before the doctor walks into the room. So, not only are they helping out the doctor in many ways, but they’re also your advocate as well. They’re making sure that what you have to say and what you’re feeling is getting across properly.

As they’re asking questions to you their medical background allows them to continue to probe into what you’re experiencing so that they can get the full picture. That way, it’s not entirely on you to know what symptoms are relevant. After all, you may not realize that the reason you’ve been tired lately is tied to the fact that you have been having cramping in your side, but a nurse practitioner will know what symptoms to ask about.

Sitting down with your nurse practitioner before you talk to the doctor may not seem like that big of a deal, but it’s absolutely important. It’s going to make a difference for you. It’s going to make a difference for the doctor. And it’s definitely going to get you treated a whole lot faster. You may not even realize all of the things that a nurse practitioner will do for everyone in the office, but you would definitely notice if they weren’t able to perform those duties, and that’s why it’s so important to have them there.

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