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Surprising Signs That You Have An Impacted Tooth

Impacted Tooth

The word impacted is a simple term for teeth that didn’t make it through the gums. Don’t reach for your mirror just yet, as they are impossible to spot without an x-ray. Situated below the gum line, the reason these misguided molars didn’t finish their journey often comes down to placement. Many impacted teeth are at an angle or even horizontal. The common treatments for Denver tooth extraction patients often include state-of-the-art procedures. Think you have an impacted tooth? Check out the signs these undercover dangers are hiding behind that perfect smile.

Bad Breath

Bad breath stands out, even more so when you’re not sure what causes it. If you find yourself reaching for the breath mints too much, it could be a sign that an impacted tooth is hiding behind the problem. Impacted teeth cannot be cleaned and the chances of decay, as well as other dental issues, increase over time. Anyone on medication that causes dry mouth should be especially cautious that their medical problem is not masking the foul odors.

Tongue Swelling

The tongue itself is front and center on the war against tooth decay. When it is improperly cleaned or maintained, the results could be a tongue with sores as well as swollen spots. Swelling may not always be related to impacted teeth, yet it could be a culprit when swelling occurs near the back of the mouth. In some cases, the swelling could even become a life-threatening blockage thanks to infection.

Bleeding Gums

We often think about bleeding gums as a sign of gingivitis. Of course, it is one of the most commonly known signs of gum diseases but it can also signal other problems. An impacted tooth commonly shows signs of decay or other not-so-nice conditions that could contribute to an infection. If blood comes from the area around the impacted tooth, it is very possible that the tooth has become a liability.

Gum Pain And Pressure

Pain and pressure is another symptom among those suffering from an impacted tooth. At this point, it could mean that the tooth has moved into a dangerous position that is affecting not only its space but other teeth as well. Left untreated, the pain and pressure could grow as other teeth are pushed into unnatural positions.

Jaw Pain

The jaw is a prime source of pain when it comes to an impacted tooth. When one or more teeth become impacted they can spread infection. The swelling, as well as redness, only increase as blood pools around the infected tooth. In terms of jaw pain, this can be excruciating if left untreated. The pressure also creates problems for movement along the jawline. Some people have described it as similar to having weights attached to their entire jaw.

There is nothing more frustrating than an impacted tooth. Hidden below the gumline, it doesn’t have to become a problem if you learn to recognize the signs. The symptoms of an impacted tooth provide a warning that can save you from pain, pressure, and otherwise unwanted consequences. Keep them in mind whether or not you have ever been diagnosed as having an impaction.

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