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The Power of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Therapy

By delivering 100% oxygen within a specific chamber, hyperbaric oxygen treatment cures wounds and other medical ailments. It repairs injured tissue by assisting your body in the formation of blood vessels, new skin, and connective tissues. Ear damage, claustrophobia, sinus congestion, and pressure are all possible side effects. For more information, consult a professional for hyperbaric oxygen therapy san fernando valley, today. 

What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Chronic wounds and other medical disorders are treated using hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Room air contains 21% oxygen, whereas hyperbaric oxygen treatment offers 100% oxygen air. A pressurized chamber supplies oxygen at two to three times regular air pressure, allowing your lungs to capture and absorb more oxygen. Oxygen aids in the healing and resistance of tissues in your body.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used by healthcare practitioners alone or in conjunction with other medical treatments such as drugs or surgery. Most patients undergo hyperbaric oxygen treatment as an outpatient for one to two hours each session. Depending on the type of therapy, you may sit or lie down throughout the process.

HBO treatment, or HBOT, are other terms for hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

What is HBOT used for?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States has authorized hyperbaric oxygen treatment to assist in treating the following conditions:

  • Burns.
  • The bends (decompression sickness).
  • Gas or air bubbles in your blood vessels (gas or air embolism).
  • Hearing loss.
  • Clostridium-caused Gangrene (gas gangrene).
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Radiation injuries.
  • Loss of vision.
  • Injuries that break or cut your skin (wounds).
  • Skin grafts.
  • Severe bone and skin infections.
  • Severe anemia.
  • Trauma from force or pressure on a body part (crush injury).

Are there any unapproved applications for hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Yes, there are certain unapproved applications for hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Medical spas and alternative medicine clinics may claim that HBOT can help treat a variety of ailments, including the following:

  • Cerebral palsy.
  • Autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
  • Age-related symptoms or conditions (anti-aging).
  • Hair loss (alopecia).
  • Depression.
  • COVID-19.
  • Sports injuries.
  • Migraine headaches.
  • HIV and AIDS.
  • Strokes.

However, there is insufficient research and testing to determine that hyperbaric oxygen treatment addresses these illnesses safely and efficiently. Only undergo hyperbaric oxygen therapy from a competent healthcare professional in an accredited medical institution for an approved ailment. Inquire with your healthcare practitioner whether they are certified by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society.

Is hyperbaric oxygen safe?

Yes, hyperbaric oxygen is beneficial. It is pure oxygen, which aids your immune system in fighting bacteria and producing stem cells. Stem cells are unique cells in your body that aid in developing other critical cells, such as blood, brain, and muscle cells.

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