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Karl Jawhari- Treating Chronic Pain the Effective Way


One of the most intimate and personal experiences of a human is his pain; no doctor can determine exactly how much pain a person is in, it is only on the basis of information provided by the patient can the approximate extent of the pang be comprehended. Yet experts, who deal in chronic pain such as Karl Jawhari from Texas, know from the symptoms that an individual is suffering and thereby is able to suggest effective treatments for the same.

A chronic pain can never subside completely, what can be done is to reduce the intensity of the pain and make it bearable. A CPS or chronic pain syndrome is closely associated with the mental health of an individual and hence, when the pain becomes less physically, the mind is able to easily bear it up and ignore it considerably. This is exactly what the doctors and experts too attempt to provide to a patient diagnosed with this painful addendum to their life; they aim at curbing the pangs to a level where the individual is efficiently able to resume his /her daily activities.

So far it has become clear that CPS is not something that can be cured, it can at the most be managed, and this management can be done using various means. Acupuncture, exercises, medications, blocking certain nerves, are among the methods employed to bring this kind of pain under control. Apart from this, because it is also largely linked with the mind of a person, therapies that calm and relax the mind can be used to find unbelievable positive results. This is less invasive as compared to the former surgeries and the like, and thus the preferred methods.

Those who have been dealing with numerous patients with the CPS, such as Karl Jawhari, often suggest alternative medications or therapies such as massages, tai chi, meditation, etc. These too have very powerful effect on the mind and body of the individual making it strong to combat the sting of the chronic pain. One of the best solutions, however, to deal with this situation is the individual him/herself. Because the person is experiencing the pain, he is his own best friend is fighting it bravely. There are self-management programs available, wherein the patient has to take hold of the situation, that is to say, they have to take decisions and make plans as to how they can ignore the pain. Of course this will be done in unison with a healthcare provider. The advantage of this way of managing the pain is excellent as it focuses on changing the thought processes of the individual; after we only feel pain when we consciously think of it. The moment one makes the brain immune to the existence of the chronic pain, the battle is won.

It has in fact been found that with this self-management system coming into being a lot of the obstacles of handling this sort of pain has be curtailed. In short, this empowers the patient and makes them win over the situation and cope with the pain.

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