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Increase Your Cup Size With Ease

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While the reasons behind getting a bigger cup size these days are mostly cosmetic, since a lot of women aim to achieve the perfect look in order to find the best possible partner out there. In some situations, it is highly recommended to get breasts implants or augmentation in order to improve your general health status.

Breast implant revision

One of the reasons why this procedure is recommended is asymmetry of breasts, which happens to be quite common. While leaving your breasts to be asymmetric is not going to have any negative effects in a physical way, it is quite often a good choice to make them symmetrical because of one’s emotional health instead.

There are quite a lot of physical imperfections that do not have a bad impact from a medical perspective, however, they can cause some bad mental problems such as depression and anxiety simply because they make the person look different and unnatural.

Other reasons why you might want to undergo a breast implant revision is if you received implants before, and if an implant has dropped below the nipple, which makes the nipple’s position on the breast too high. You can also undergo this procedure if you want your breast implants removed, or if you want them replaced with a modern model instead.

Another common reason why someone might want to consider a breast implant revision is if the implants happen to be too close together, which makes them cross the midline. This situation is also known as the uniboob, which can be quite an unpleasant experience to see in the mirror.

The requirements for this procedure are quite similar to the ones of getting a breast implant to begin with, which means that you have to be in perfect health, you cannot be a smoker, if you should have undergone a different procedure instead, or if you want to make some kind of adjustments to the implants in general.

You can get a breast implant revision from Breast & Body Clinic or the same clinic where you have gotten your implants to begin with, however, make sure to consult with the surgeons about your condition before you decide to go through with the procedure.

Fixed breast implants after a revision

Breast augmentation

One of the main reasons why women get a bigger breast size is definitely because of confidence, as it has been scientifically proven that women with bigger breasts tend to be more confident than those who happen to have smaller breasts.

Breast augmentation is the perfect choice for those who would like to increase their cup size in a way so their breasts keep their natural shape. Naturally, since this procedure involves fat transfer, you will have to move fat from a certain area of your body, which you will have to somehow gain if you happen to be a skinny person.

If you are considering to get breast augmentation at Breast & Body Clinic or your local clinic, it is very important to consult with the surgeon about all the possible side effects, and the risks that this procedure comes with.

Breast augmentation returns the natural shape

Final Word

There is nothing wrong with getting breast implants or making your breasts bigger via augmentation. It is always better to make yourself look in a way that will make you a happier person as long as it has no negative side effects on your health, whether you want to increase or decrease the size of your breasts.

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