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The Top Four Ways You can protect Yourself – and Your Loved Ones – from EMF


There’s no escaping technology nowadays – it’s all around us, from lights to appliances, cars, and even the smallest gadgets and electronic devices such as cell phones. The problem is that the all these things emit a certain level of EMF, or electro-magnetic frequency. Since we are exposed to EMF to a degree every single day, we may become victim to health issues that become worse over the long term. These health issues run the gamut from migraines to mood swings to allergic reactions and fatigue – even worse, they can result in more serious conditions like cancer. So the question is, how can you really protect yourself and your loved ones from EMF? Here are the top four ways you can do so.

Stay grounded

When we say ‘stay grounded,’ what we mean is to harness the natural power and energy of the earth. Just think about it – for hundreds of years, our ancestors literally walked the earth in bare feet – and you should, too. If you have regular contact with a natural surface, your body will be more alkaline rather than acidic and you will experience less stress and improve your immune system as well. Take advantage of the natural world – have more plants inside your home, spend more time outdoors, and walk around barefoot whenever you can.

Pay attention to your appliances

There’s a simple rule that we can all follow with ease if we want to protect ourselves and our loved ones from EMF – it is to pay attention to our appliances. What this means is that you should unplug your electrical appliances when they are not being used. This is true for every electronic appliance you have, whether it’s the television, microwave, printer and computer, and more.

Make your bedroom a haven

If possible, try not to have a television in your bedroom. Your bedroom should be a haven offering you ample EMF protection, so it should be a place dedicated to relaxing, restful sleep. Many of us tend to leave our cell phones on our bedside tables – avoid doing this as your cell phone can still emit EMF even when not in use. The same goes for your laptop – keep it at least one metre away from you. Electronic gadgets like these can interfere with your rest and affect the regenerative ability of your body.

The proper way of using your laptop and cell phone

Most of us like cosying up on the sofa with our laptops and placing these gadgets on our, well, laps. Avoid this whenever possible, and if you can, plug in an extra keyboard as well as a mouse for your laptop so you can avoid working directly on it. Additionally, with your cell phone, it is always better to send an SMS rather than place a call.  If placing a call can’t be avoided, put your phone on speaker mode or use headphones.

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