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The Truth About Smoking and Your Oral Health


Smoking is a habit that you unconsciously cling into without realizing how severely it could ruin you, your lifestyle, your budget and your health. Whenever a person smokes, he acquires certain dental problems at a faster rate compared to a non-smoker. He then suffers from oral problems that might lead to more serious oral health concerns. A carrollton dentist can serve as your ultimate ally in fighting the threats entailed with your smoking habits.

Smoking Facts

When you smoke, the ingredients in a cigar, cigarette or tobacco affect the ability of the bone and soft tissue to be attached naturally. The smoke hinders gum tissues to function normally. The interference makes it easier for the gums and mouth to be susceptible to periodontal disease. Much worse, it can impair the blood that should be naturally flowing to the gums. Once this happens, gum disease takes place and the healing of wound within those area would not be possible unless treated by experienced and knowledgeable carrollton dentist.

Other problems associated with smoking are:

  • Teeth discoloration – This issue is normally concerned with aging. However, dentists say that there are many ways to wear down the enamel. Teeth change in color due to heavy consumption of some food and smoking.
  • Bad Breath – Probably the most obvious problem caused by this bad habit. The smoke itself does not have a good smell, thus, when mixed with saliva and other substances inside the mouth and when not washed off immediately, the smell would linger that could ruin the natural balance inside.
  • Higher possibility of tartar and plaque to build up right onto the surface of the teeth.
  • Higher possibilities for the smoker to lose jaw bones.
  • Increased risk to develop oral cancer
  • Prolonged healing process for the wound incurred in periodontal treatment, tooth extraction and oral surgery

Smoking and Cosmetic Dentistry

The carrollton dentist is experienced enough to know that smokers are allowed to undergo cosmetic dentistry treatment and procedures. Aside from the increased risk to suffer from inflammation, gum disease and oral cancer, the smokers have additional restrictions and considerations when it comes to undergoing cosmetic procedures. For example, dental implant is not recommended to smokers because there is a higher risk for the procedure to fail. Smoking has ingredients and effects that would hinder the integration of the implant with the bone tissue.

Smokers are also not allowed to undergo teeth whitening procedures. The stains brought about by cigarettes will affect the whitening effect, thus, will curtail the very purpose of the treatment.

Smokeless Tobacco

If you are thinking that smokeless tobacco can do the trick, then think again. Never consider leaving your pie or cigarette in exchange of smokeless tobacco products like chewing tobacco and enough because these also contain no less than 28 chemicals that are likely to result to throat, esophagus and oral cancer. Chewing tobacco have been found out to contain higher degrees of nicotine compared to ordinary cigarettes. This is the reason why it is more difficult to stop it than the latter. A snuff also has more nicotine compared to 60 pieces of your normal cig.

The most affected part of your mouth when taking in smokeless cigarette are the gum tissues. A carrollton dentist can infuse all the possible treatment however, if the habit continues, the gum tissues will recede exposing the roots and risking them for tooth decay.

Your dentists can help you more than anyone else. However, if you are considering cosmetic dentistry in the near future, you should be preparing for it physically, psychologically, mentally and financially. The venture is not easy. Quit smoking early on and enjoy the benefits of science and technology without risking your oral health.

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