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Top reasons ‘Why You Need an Air Purifier’ if you are staying in India


Home can be considered as the most comfortable place for anyone as only at ‘Home’, you can truly be yourself without being manipulative. No matter how bad your day is, you would always feel relaxed when you are at home J Hence, you always want all the luxuries in your home, but many times you tend to overlook bare minimum necessity like _breathing safe & pure air’ whilst at home. This necessity can be fulfilled by having an Air Purifier that does the job of improving the air quality, thereby improving the blood circulation, revitalizing your system, strengthening your immune system, etc. There are many reasons why you would need an Air Purifier, let’s have a look at some of them.

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Allergies & Air-borne particles

There are cases where you would suddenly get a running nose, allergies, itchy eyes, etc. and you would have no clue as to what exactly caused the problem. There is a likelihood that there could be dust and other allergy-causing particles circulating in your home and that could be the main culprit causing allergies and diseases. You might be keeping your home very clean & tidy, but these airborne particles are so small that you would never be able to notice them with naked eyes.

An air purifier could help this problem since it removes these allergy-causing particles, cleans the air and does not let these particles re-enter your home. If you are using an Air Purifier in India, it is highly recommended that you place it near your entrance so that these particles never enter your home and fresh air is circulated in your house.

Keeping your home free from mold

Any place in your house where there is moisture, there is a chance of development of mold spores. If your house has a lawn or it is located close to a garden, chance of mold spores being developed multiplies by a huge margin. These mold spores are the major causes your family might be suffering from allergic reactions, allergic cold, asthma, bronchitis, etc. Air purifiers can get rid of these mold spores, keeping your loved ones away from illnesses. You should always opt for the best air purifiers without worrying much about the air purifier price and ensure that you do not compromise a wee-bit on the air quality.

Removal of air-borne pet hair

Many houses have pets like dogs, cats, etc. and pets are treated like family members since pet owners are very passionate about them. However, the air that might be circulating in your home might be having pet hair, odor, etc. making the in-house air unhealthy for breathing.

Kids spend more time indoors and they are more susceptible to diseases as their immune system is under development. Air purifier removes the airborne pet hair, thereby keeping not only your loved one’s but also your pets away from indoor air pollution.

Air purification when on the move

If you own a four-wheeler, you can beat the outdoor air pollution by just rolling up your window shield and turning on the Air-Conditioner (AC). Are you aware of the implications of breathing the air that is being circulated in the car when your windows are closed? Your understanding that you are breathing fresh air is a myth, so you should always have car purifier when you are travelling. Car purifiers from trusted leaders like LivPure help in keeping the air being circulated in your car clean & healthy.

These are the top reasons why you should have an air purifier at home, as well as in your car. Why should you own an Air Purifier, do leave your reason in the comments section…

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