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Travelling by Cruise Ship to Alaska: What You Need to Know

Travelling by Cruise Ship to Alaska

When most people plan a cruise holiday, they think of directing their journey to exotic locales or unusual locations, such as the Bahamas, Tahiti, Thailand, or Greece. However, some people like adventures that take them to colder climates. These are the people who opt to travel to places such as Alaska.

Amazing Scenery

If your idea of cruise travel does not include snow and ice, then Alaska may not be your first choice for a cruise holiday. However, when it is not snowing, the state also features some spectacular landscapes–some of the most amazing scenery you will ever behold.

For example, many cruise vessels travel through the Inside Passage, a route that is comprised of islands, fjords, and mountains. You want to make sure you bring your camera as you will find a photo opportunity at nearly every corner.

Some of the Other Attractions

If you have a keen interest in culture, you no doubt will be fascinated by the local indigenous people. If you like wildlife, then you may want to journey to the lower elevations during the spring. During this time of year, you can see the bears, awake from hibernation, foraging along the streams.

Whilst one may not think of Alaska foremost when planning a cruise, reports show that over one million passengers book cruise travel to Alaska each year. This kind of figure makes Alaska one of the most popular destinations for cruises in the world.

When to Go

Most of the cruise travel to the state runs from the middle of May to mid-September. This type of itinerary accommodates the change in daylight hours and the climate. If you wish to secure a cheaper cruise deal, you might find some bargain rates during the shoulder season, which occurs during April and the latter part of September.

Some of the favourite cruise journeys will take you through Glacier Bay National Park or lead you to such destinations as Vancouver and Skagway. Skagway is a tourist town that features exhibits and attractions related to its gold rush history. Other cruises take passengers from Anchorage to non-Alaskan destinations, such as New York.

Some Outside Excursions for Cruise Travelers

Most Alaskan cruises sail from such ports as Seattle, San Francisco, or Vancouver. The activities you will engage in will depend on the port of call. For example, you might take a floatplane or helicopter tour when you visit the state. You can book cruises that feature such activities as whale-watching or bear-spotting too. The White Pass Railroad in Skagway takes travellers on an interesting and scenic journey by train.

When you plan an Alaskan cruise, you need to pack items such as sturdy hiking boots, motion sickness pills, sunscreen, and waterproof clothing, which includes raincoats, additional socks, and ponchos. Don’t forget to take an umbrella as well. Make sure your clothing is layered and includes hats, gloves, and fleece jackets. You never can predict the weather in Alaska–which makes it that much more of an interesting and exciting trip.

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