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Are you fetching for another fish on the sea of medical sea? Here is the big whale for you to catch on in the medical career. In India there are many websites which offers jobs for medical writers on the distinct topics like ayurvedha , siddha, unani, homeopathy , naturopathy . People search for the medicines and dieting practices to maintain their physic in a balanced way. The old ages may need exhortations on the dieting practices for distinct diseases like asthma ,diabetes, blood pressure , obesity and orthopaedics .

To the contrary the youngsters surf the web for building their  physical outfit with the healthy dieting practices , maceration tips. For the society at every stage the exhortations physicians are required , hence you may start your career as a freelance health care writer in the content mart web site . This profession earns a sound pay and knowledge of the skills you acquire in the medical stream. The website makes your work life balance and free of timings to complete the orders.

The freelance medical writers may acquire chances in many websites like naukri, indeed , linked in , shine , freelancer and so on . The content mart provides the secured and safe transactions of contents and money between writers and clients . The content mart website gives the free membership for writers and takes up 10% in the payment you receive for every order you take upon. The content writers have to pay 7% service tax for the orders they complete in the website.

The content mart responses for the queries raised by the writers within an hour and send you the links with which the chaos can be solved. The website provides the regular news feeds on the orders you can bid and the messages received in the account.  The physician need not lose their earnings by setting up individual clinics instead they may prescribe for the diseases from home. The content mart website will be more suited for the women physicians who desire to work from home.

Now you may skate in to the website for starting your profession as freelance medical writer with the help of this link After registering as writer you must pass the English tests and the expertise tests to acquire an attractive profile. As medical writer you must cross the science and health care niches , which makes your profile attractive to award health care related articles.  Maintain the catchy and complete profile with the qualifications and experiences you had in the life time. Add the catchy and inspiring portfolios of you expertise niches within 300 words. Bid on orders for which you can give out the  best articles and have the ratings above four , so that the clients may feel to offer their projects to you.

Now turn out to be bigwig in medical writing jobs stream. With the help of content mart website!!

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