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Five Foods To Avoid When Working Out


You stroll down the grocery aisle and come across organic labels, though how can you be sure they’re the right choices for a workout routine? It can be hard to tell. To help answer that, we’ll start by looking at five types of health foods that don’t actually help for achieving fitness goals.

In fact, there are many ‘health’ stores that stock the items we’ll be discussing below. If you happen to see a favorite of yours on this list and can’t part with it, then you might as well try taking fat burning supplements to offset additional fats you’re intaking. What’s first on our list?

#1. Whole Wheat Bread. Most people commonly accept it whole wheat bread as ‘wholesome’, but it’s really not that different from white bread. As explained by Trim Down Club, regular whole wheat bread has the same glycemic index as white. Both have a lots of calories and processed carbohydrates which will absorb in the body and increase body fat. So it’s really best to stay away from starches altogether. Go with unprocessed foods like meats, fruits, vegetables, and brown rice.

#2. Fruit Juices. Contrary to popular belief, fruit juice is not as healthy as we think. Just too much sugar overall, plus it lacks fiber. Instead, you can get fiber alternately from fruits. Just think about the amount of real fruit in a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice, which can make up about 2-6 medium size oranges on average. So instead try blending and making fruit smoothies for your workouts, and drink water to stay hydrated. You can also go with coconut water too, an excellent alternative for natural sugars plus it tastes great too.

#3. Sports Drinks. Yes, this includes everything from your Gatorade, to Powerade, and even Vitamin Water. No good! We often see our favorite athletes in commercials with enticing ads promoting the awesome benefits. The problem is that these drinks are geared for career athletes who are always burning calories.

Normally if you’re working out about 30 minutes a day, you can get electrolytes from natural sources instead of sugary drinks. Sports drinks will just add fat because of the sugar. So again, drink water instead or coconut water since it has greater potassium levels. Alternatively, you can balance energy and ATP levels for workouts using adenosine triphosphate supplements.

#4. Granola. Here’s another misleading health food that can slip under your fitness radar! In particular, granola cereal is the culprit. Granola is actually quite high in fat, calories, sugars, and carbs. When eaten as a cereal, you’re adding milk which adds extra fats. Instead, eat oatmeal and mix with bananas, strawberries, and blueberries for a great fiber boost. Don’t eat the instant oatmeal either! Those are usually loaded with extra sugars and artificial flavors.

#5. ‘Organic’ Junk Food. Alright, so this last one covers a broad range of foods you’re likely to see at the ‘healthy’ grocery stores. Many of these foods might look healthy according to the labels, but you’re in for a big surprise! All of those organic pizzas, potato chips, donuts, organic ‘gluten-free’ muffins all contain unwanted fats that will work against your fitness goals. It’s like eating a pizza but dabbing the oil off the napkin, you’re still adding the fat!

With that said, if you’re happy with your body right now, then you might be able to cheat a little bit with ‘organic’ junk food. Though if you’re trying to lose weight? Then it’s worth the effort to go out of your way and make sure you cut out the above foods from your diet.

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