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Treating the Whole Person for Successful Weight Loss

Successful Weight Loss

It seems that the entire world wants to lose weight. Whether it is for wellness or looks, weight loss plans are everywhere, each claiming to be the best. It can be hard to know who to trust. Most of them focus only on your daily food intake. Without proper exercise, these plans are bound to fail. So, how do know who you should turn to for healthy Fairfax weight loss counseling?

The truth is, in an attempt to produce quick weight loss results, many of the diet plans you read about are lacking in several areas, including proper nutrition. When you deprive your body of the basic nutrients it requires daily, your health is likely to suffer. Though you may see some weight loss, the pounds often come back as soon as you return to a regular diet of real food.

What you really need is not a miracle diet. Those are destined for failure, and can actually cause you additional physical harm and mental stress. What you need is a physician, a professional weight loss specialist who can provide the services you need to succeed. A physician will ensure that you are on a program that supplies all the nutrients you need, along with a healthy exercise regimen.

Weight Loss Counseling

In order for your weight loss program to be successful, all facets of your health have to be addressed. Many people tend to focus just on the physical health side alone when there are also mental and emotional health issues that can inhibit your weight loss. Weight loss counseling in Fairfax, VA can help define any emotional and mental health issues that are standing in the way of your weight management.

At Nova Physician Wellness Center in Fairfax, VA, you can finally put an end to your weight loss worries in a healthy, all-encompassing way. Dr. Suri will help you develop a new outlook on food, so you can break your unhealthy eating habits for good. He offers weight loss clients an individualized exercise plan, physical and mental health exams, and nutrition education, among other helpful supports for their journey.

There are many benefits to weight loss counseling. It can help you discern the reason you feel compelled to overeat or are drawn to certain food items. One of the important things you will learn about yourself that will aid your weight loss goal is your trigger foods. Trigger foods are the ones that make you want to binge eat, and they are different for everyone. These are the foods that trigger intense cravings, and the client often has an emotional attachment to that particular food item.

What Else Is Included In a Weight Loss Program?

Besides weight loss counseling and nutritious meal planning, you will receive a medical examination, so your physician can assess your physical state and discover any health issues. Some people require an electrocardiogram, to check on the condition of the heart.

A bio-metabolic analysis will give your physician a close look at how many calories you need for weight loss to occur. This can show any changes in fat mass, muscle mass, lean body distribution, and body fat percentage.

There are also medications that can aid in weight loss. Your physician can determine if there are any that could stimulate your weight loss program.

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