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Understanding the condition of bone spurs

Heel spurs

Did you realize that you can suffer with bone spurs for some time & not even know about it? This is because of the lack of symptoms that go along with them. The term spur would make anyone think of a sharp, jagged growth that would cause considerable pain and discomfort. But they are actually very smooth projections that can grow on the bones. This can happen at the joints, and due to the bone on bone friction, it can lead to terrible pain. Only as the condition worsens, the affected person might finally see some of the symptoms.


Severe knee pain, stiffness, lacking range of motion in the knee joint, and pain when folding and releasing the knee are the typical symptoms. The symptoms can be mild or very intense depending on the severity of the condition. Medications and surgery are popular forms of treatment options currently available for bone spurs. Recently though, stem cell therapy for bone spurs is gaining more attention due to its efficacy.

What are bone spurs?

Bone spurs are not a condition that is caused by infection or malnutrition. Rather, this occurs when the body tries to repair itself from any damage caused by wear and tear in the joints. The body tries to compensate with the growth of new bone. It is increasingly common and usually part of the aging process. This is often seen in people who are overweight or who have a family history of arthritis.

Bone spurs can also appear in people who have injuries like a fracture or a dysplasia. Also, people who are engaged in sports or activities that put more stress on the knee joints can experience bone spurs. It is not easy to cope with the pain, and often when medications fail, surgery is a last resort. For people who are terrified of surgery or who want to avoid any protracted recovery periods, stem cell therapy for bone spurs is a welcomed option. This therapy is less invasive and does not require months to recover.

Treatment options

Those who choose to have this stem cell therapy for bone spurs are given various instructions from the doctor to ensure recovery occurs as soon as possible. In addition, some advice is provided before having the treatment. One of them is to lose weight or to stay in the range of a healthy weight. When the weight is reduced, the knee is relieved from any excessive pressure. NSAIDs are prescribed by the doctor to manage and alleviate pain. A physical therapist would help you to improve your range of motion in your knee joints with numerous exercises & stretches. A doctor would advise this to enhance the flexibility of the knee joints. Knee arthroscopy is the surgical procedure to remove bone spurs. This can repair the cartilage and any damaged tendons. You can consult with your doctor to consider the benefits and risks associated with this treatment, and discuss any real possibilities of a cure.

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