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What Can You Expect from Alcohol Rehab Treatment?

Alcohol Rehab

Treatment for alcohol addiction can help you stop compulsive consumption of alcohol. It can happen in different settings, take several forms, and last for various spans of time. Since alcohol addiction is usually a chronic syndrome characterized by infrequent relapses, a one-time short-term treatment will not be enough.

The best treatment for alcohol addiction is a continuing process involving regular monitoring and multiple interventions. Alcohol rehab generally involves 3 major treatments, namely:

  1. Behavioral therapy like motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, and contingency management
  2. Prescription medicines
  3. Their combination

Note: Finding the right treatment for you will always depend on your personal needs.

What May Happen During Alcohol Rehab Treatment?

Once you undergo the treatment, you’ll take part in a comprehensive diagnostic assessment that leads to a personalized treatment plan. The assessment and treatment plan will be used to know the level, intensity, and types of services suitable to your needs. Also, these two will help you successfully finish the course of treatment over time. Countless common treatment strategies can be offered to you individually or in combination. These strategies can be:

  • Detoxification – This process is supervised by a physician. Here, you withdraw gradually from the chemicals including alcohol to address the possibly severe therapeutic consequences of snappishly stopping    Detoxification doesn’t treat the psychosocial or behavioral causes resulting in the chemical   addiction. Therefore, behavioral treatment should be used after detoxification.
  • Group Therapy – Many alcohol treatment centers make group therapy or counseling a dominant part of the treatment. Through providing mutual support, the      sessions let all participants use a group format for      sharing insights and strengthening member therapeutic advantages.
  • Individual Therapy – Usually, in this treatment strategy, you will work closely with a professional to understand the factors leading to alcohol use. A counselor, psychologist or social worker will be there to help you develop some coping tactics to overcome the compulsions so you live differently later.
  • Pharmacological Therapy – The specialist may advise you to take medicines with psychotherapy to help lessen your physical appetite for alcohol. These medicines can help you join in other treatment aspects through relieving the signs or creating strong indicators to discourage drinking.
  • Toxicology Testing and Monitoring – Many treatment programs for alcohol addiction include a procedure for monitoring constant abstinence from liquor. Commonly, it is accomplished through blood, breath, and urine testing.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation – Though most patients in treatment centers are full-time employees, other people entering these facilities are unemployed with marketable abilities. With the representation of well-being reform, occupational rehabilitation services have turned out to be core services of most treatment programs. Here, a skilled vocational specialist will support you throughout the journey. He will help you deal with skill development        and get educational assistance, work experience, and a stable job.

Other strategies used for treating alcohol addiction are medical and health services, family strengthening, and case management.

What Can Happen After Alcohol Rehab Treatment?

You do not really graduate from alcohol rehab. Even when you don’t show withdrawal signs anymore, you still need to undergo aftercare and ongoing care. The objective is to support your abstinence from liquor through relapse prevention after the primary care and during the recovery phase. Aftercare is also a crucial phase. So, after undergoing the actual treatment program for alcohol addiction, you will be required to undergo the following services:

Sober housing

Recovery/relapse groups

Recovery/support groups

Regular outpatient aftercare or ongoing psychotherapy

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