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What is Ultrasonic Cavitation and Does It Work

Ultrasonic Cavitation
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Losing weight is extremely difficult. Even when people are able to lose weight, only one in six people are able to maintain that weight loss. So, there is no wonder why people look to medical weight loss solutions for help achieving (and maintaining) results.

More recently, procedures like ultrasonic cavitation and ultrasound treatments for weight loss have gained popularity. Here is what you need to know about these medical weight loss solutions and whether or not they work.

What is Ultrasonic Cavitation?

Ultrasonic cavitation is a procedure that uses sound waves to eliminate fat instead of plastic surgery. The treatment helps transform your fat cells into fatty acids. Your body can break down and dispose of those acids, making it easier to lose weight and tone. Success can be measured by how many inches you leave post-treatment.

Typically, this type of procedure costs between $250 and $350 per session. The price will vary based on the area, size of the area, and how many sessions you will need. You can search for deals at local practices on sites like Groupon if you’re looking for a discount.

Each treatment takes between 30 and 50 minutes and it generally takes eight to 12 treatments to get the results you are looking for. Some individuals do see results after the first session.

It is a Process

Committing to ultrasonic cavitation is a big deal. Not only can it take up to 12 sessions to see the desired results but you have to do your homework and take the appropriate steps to get there.

First, you need to make an appointment to see if you are a candidate for the treatment. Obese or severely overweight people won’t typically see any results. Instead, you need to have a certain area of the body in mind for treatment. Medical implants, such as pacemakers, will also prohibit a patient from being able to have the procedure.

Then you need to decide if you really want to commit to the whole procedure, both the time and cost. You will also need to commit to continuing a good diet and exercise routine after the procedure. Without it, you won’t maintain any results you achieve. So, what results can people who look into ultrasonic cavitation expect?

Does it Work?

As mentioned above, success is typically measured in inches lost or visual progress (what you see in the mirror). Ultrasonic cavitation works, but results will vary from patient to patient. Depending on your medical history, body type, and overall health, you may slim down more (or less). Everyone sees some kind of progress though. You can typically expect to see at least contouring (or toning) of the area.

Results will only last as long as the patient continues to adhere to a healthy diet. Because cavitation only empties your fat cells and does not destroy them, it is possible for them to fill back up if you go back to eating a poor diet.

To find out whether or not a facility in your area, search for keywords like “ultrasonic cavitation in Las Vegas.” As with any health procedure, you should always consult your physician before moving forward with anything. Know the possible side effects and clarify whether or not it is the best decision for you and your health.

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