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What to avoid in yoga when you are pregnant

pregnancy yoga
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It is said that doing yoga during pregnancy is a very good thing. This keeps the body flexible and also the muscles and joints remain normal. It also helps to keep the body weight in control as when one is pregnant the body weight always tends to increase. That is why; doing yoga on a regular basis can actually do good to your health and your yet to be born child also becomes very healthy.

One has to search pregnancy yoga classes in Mumbai and they can find many and there are some trainers who are strictly experienced in pre natal yoga classes. There is always a special regime of yoga and exercises for the one who are expecting a baby. Not all the asana or the exercises are for you if you are pregnant. Here are some things which you should strictly avoid during this tenure.

  • Do not do deep forward bends when you are pregnant. This folding and bending forward can clot the blood vessels in your body which are connected to your uterus. So this should be avoided. You can do something which does not cost you in bending deeply.
  • Never do deep twists when you are pregnant. This will reduce the circulation in your body and so you should concentrate only on open positions which never go deep across the knee.
  • Lying on your back is something which can be a blasphemy during your pregnancy. When you enter the sec and trimester of your pregnancy it is not a good idea to lie on your back for a long time. This is because; your uterus becomes heavy due to the presence of foetus and it can harm the flow of blood naturally. This may also lead to things like back pain and increase in blood pressure. So it is a good idea to stretch your muscles when you are standing or sitting. Do not try to do that when you are lying down on your back.
  • Do not try to harden your abs muscles when you are pregnant. They become wide and loose and it is for obvious reasons. If you try to contract them, it can harm your baby and it is not a good thing. You can any day get back to your nice abs once the bay is delivered. Till then let them be how they are.
  • Never ever try difficult yoga poses which needs a lot of twisting a curling. Anything that makes your body twist a lot is not good for your baby. So avoid them when you are pregnant no matter how good they are for your health.
  • Too much of anything can actually harm you. So when you do yoga you do in a limited manner. Do not exhaust yourself. Try to maintain the calm in you. You are doing yoga only to keep your body flexible. So just do that. Do not indulge yourself in doing more. Always skip the weird poses though.

Try to do as much meditation as you can. This will calm down your mind and you will feel a lot relaxed physically and mentally. There are pregnancy care classes in Mumbai which can help you with regular yoga classes and light exercises which you need the most. The rest you can avoid.

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