What to Do After Your Botox Injections


If you’re not yet sure what to do getting your Meridian cosmetic injections, getting clear about that is your first port of call to make sure you get the kinds of results you’re looking for from your treatment. Many women, like you, are unsure about how best they can maintain the gains of their treatment, and what they should do to assure the features they want to see.

Besides that, though, it’s equally important to know what not to do, as certain actions can endanger the success of your treatment. Here’s a definitive list of both the things you should do and those you shouldn’t.

What to Do

Frown Repeatedly

Frowning repeatedly for at least an hour straight is one of the slightly uncomfortable but seriously helpful things to do after your treatment. It makes the treatment more effective by increasing the botox uptake by the muscle groups your doctor targeted.

After the hour of frowning, you should follow that up with 12 hours of avoiding any extreme facial expressions. This goes for both the positive ones like smiling and laughing, as well others like frowning, sneering or expressing shock.

Extreme facial expressions during this period can prevent the botox from settling as well as it needs to, and also spread it out across facial regions, meaning it won’t be as concentrated in the targeted muscle groups.

Keep Upright for Four Hours

For the first four hours after your injection, you’ll need to remain upright. While you can sit from time to time, it’s generally better to remain standing or even take slow walks. What you should avoid by any means is lying down, as this prevents the botox from acting as effectively as it ought to.

After those four hours, there are no restrictions on your posture, so you are free to lie down, jog or act whichever way.

Apply Motion Lightly

It’s not necessary to, but if you’re heading out somewhere or feel the need to apply make-up, then you’re free to do that. The only thing to keep in mind, however, is that you shouldn’t use a rubbing motion, as this disturbs the settling of the botox and also worsens your bruising. For the same reasons, you should also avoid a spreading motion. Instead, use a light dabbing motion. Make sure to also be gentle when you remove the makeup and wash your face.

What Not to Do

Even if the bruising is painful or you want to feel the extent of the swelling, avoid rubbing or massaging the treated area. Likewise, avoid adding any form of pressure on it, including sleeping on your face at night.

Other things to avoid:

  • Strenuous exercise before 12 hours
  • Drinking too heavily before 24 hours
  • Exposure to sunlight or very cold temperatures for 2 weeks

Knowing what to do and what not to do after your botox injections can be the difference between getting the results you want and feeling like the procedure hit the mark. Speak to your doctor, who can give you advice uniquely tailored to you and your skin.

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