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What You Need to Know About Peptide Safety

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The development of the first synthetic peptide happened close to over forty years ago, and since then, new sequences have continued to be developed, thus causing new concerns regarding the security and the side effects of the peptides.

The arena of research and development about peptides is so huge with a lot of potential for growth and knowledge and we can only expect that it will continue to expand. Unlike other pharmaceutical drugs, however, peptides do not enjoy any formal premarketing or the stringent

Safety regulations. This is due to a number of factors such as-:

  • The market is relatively small
  • Synthetic peptide formulas are patented and owned by individuals and advertising would mean that the owner of the patent would become a monopoly.
  • The process of advertising peptides has the potential to gobble up millions of dollars.

Due to the nature of the peptide industry and the lots of misinformation people get bombarded with, a lot of concerns have been raised about the safety of the peptides and their use in the various application in which they are used. Unlike drugs which have elaborate development and testing phases before it can be certified and be used by human beings, peptides don’t undergo under such strict supervision.

With peptides, they are developed and tested on a small number of people, and should the proponents deem that they are safe and effective, they can easily find their way to the mass market. The safety and efficacy evaluations in peptides are not formalized as is the case with patented drugs. Though the evaluations of the peptides are usually carried out by third parties, which in most cases are university researchers, it is still imperative for one to be careful with the use of the peptides.

There is already a lot of information about the effectiveness and safety of peptides and most of them are available for free over the internet. When considering a peptide product range, be very careful and check on the clinical research available on that product range since the safety and the potential side effects of the peptide will be indicated therein.

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