When is the Best Time Visit a Foot Clinic

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There is a body part that literally does the heavy lifting – foot. However, it is one of the most ignored and neglected body parts. You should give more attention to your foot and ankle before things worsen. In this case, you have to approach a podiatrist.

Podiatrists provide different medical care for problems of the foot, ankle and the lower leg in general but when is the right time to visit the best podiatrist in melbourne? Here are some instances that require the attention of a podiatrist:

If you plan to run regularly
You need to visit the podiatrist if you plan to run regularly. This is because runners are vulnerable to pains and aches like shin splints. The podiatrist can help by assessing your body and feet. With this, they can identify potential problems at the same time recommend strategies to avoid such injuries. The podiatrist can also recommend the best athletic shoe suited for your feet.

If you feel joint pain
If the joints in your feet are often red or swollen and stiff or tender, it is time to see a podiatrist. This may be a case of arthritis. Arthritis can significantly change the way the feet function, which can ultimately lead to disability. The podiatrist can recommend treatments that will preserve joint health making it easier for you to carry out day-to-day activities.

If you have diabetes
You must be aware that having diabetes will make you more vulnerable to foot problems. If you have diabetes, it is crucial that you submit to a foot exam conducted by a podiatrist or doctor at least once a year. Foot exam can lower your risk of amputation.

If heel pain is impeding your activities
There are many triggers of heel pain. It can be a bony growth on the heel or inflamed tendon. If in this case, you have persistent heel pain, you should immediately see a podiatrist for a diagnosis. The podiatrist may take X-rays or perform foot exam. Proper diagnosis is important in developing an effective treatment plan.

If you have stubborn ingrown toenail
If toenail grows into the skin, the ingrown nail will cause an infection. You must know that ingrown toenails mostly affect your big toe. If the infection has lots of drainages, it is time that you visit a podiatrist for immediate treatment. The podiatrist may remove part of the nail or will prescribe medication to treat the infected area.

If you suspect a sprain or strain
Remember that podiatrists are experts when it comes to treating sprains and strains including broken bones in the ankle or foot. They can start by diagnosing your injury before suggesting treatment. If the case is serious, the podiatrist can create a cast to encourage the healing of the area. Signs that you have sprain or strain include swelling, redness, increasing pain after an injury, and trouble walking.

If you have a bothersome callus
Callus is actually the most common reason why many people see a podiatrist. Callus refers to areas of built-up skin, which are painful if they get very thick. The podiatrist will recommend treatments to reduce pain like cortisone injections.

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