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When to Consider Visiting an Eye Centre

Eye Centre

No matter if you find yourself in Singapore for work or because you are a resident, you cannot afford to allow a problem with your eyes to persist without visiting a professional. There are many infections and additional problems which may occur in the eye over time, often with symptoms taking weeks or even months to appear until the problem is much worse. Additionally, a reliable optometrist will help you to determine whether you need to have glasses or contacts prescribed to correct your vision after your eyesight is found to be weakened for one or more number of reasons.


Many parents tell their children not to sit too closely to the TV or to read books in the dark because it will damage their vision. While some of these may be tall tales, the truth is that your eyesight will deteriorate over time. This is a problem which may occur at such a slow rate that you do not even notice it, although you will begin to squint and otherwise work harder to view the world around you with clarity. This hard work will eventually cause your eyes to become tired, triggering a headache which may range in severity from a small pain behind the eyebrows to a full-blown migraine.

Double Vision

If you cross your eyes, you will begin to see more than one image of the object or person standing directly in front of you, but this is the only time you should see more than one image of a single object. Any sudden change in your vision, especially if you begin to see double vision, is a serious problem in need of professional diagnosis as quickly as possible, and you must not hesitate to call on an expert for help. Additionally, it is fairly simple to look for a Singapore eye centre located near your location, and you need only take a look at the most reputable provider to find the best place to visit a professional.


Your eyes may become red if you tire them by reading too much, they are dried out, you have an infection, or a number of other conditions. Most commonly, the problem is caused by the existence of an infection, either viral or bacterial, in the eyes which will require certain treatment options to cure. Bacterial infections are best killed off in a few days using regular eye drops prescribed by a licensed and credible professional in the field of optometry. By the time you complete your eye exam and receive the results of the testing, you should know whether or not you have a serious problem which could cause you trouble. The services available today are advanced enough to treat most illnesses of the eye without trouble.


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