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Whitening Products Are Changing The Way Patients Smile

Patients Smile
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Everyone wants to have the brightest, whitest smile, but many Jersey City cosmetic dentist patients don’t know how to achieve it. Whitening procedures and products are changing the landscape of cosmetic dentistry by improving discoloration beyond previous shades. It’s an all encompassing category that could save patients time on getting their teeth to the right shade.


Whitening toothpaste will clean stains on the surface of the teeth. They are not harsh and will not go beyond the outer enamel to reach stubborn areas–abrasives help with polishing. Some toothpastes contain peroxide or chemical blue covarine for whitening. Chemical blue covarine makes teeth brighter; it takes time when using the whitening toothpaste. To see any effects it may be several weeks of use twice a day.


Rinses are available to help with the problem of whitening teeth and these products act much like mouthwashes. These products have hydrogen peroxide to accomplish the whitening and it takes at least 12 weeks for someone to see any results from this method. The rinse needs to be used before brushing each day for best results.

Whitening Strips

Whitening strips are very popular among patients. These products can be used by anyone and cannot be seen and will work for the top or bottom teeth. Most of these strips contain some type of peroxide to get results. The product works in as little as a week with effects lasting up to six months. After that time, the process will need to be repeated.


Gels can be used at home or in a dentist office. For home use, the gel is brushed on the teeth to be whitened; the results from these can be seen in a few days and last for several months. A dentist can give someone a gel to use at home with a specially made tray. There are also gels that are for office visits only. These are stronger than the ones that are over the counter, or obtained from the dentist for home use, and work quicker than other gel methods.

Other Options

Other whitening options include the use of trays filled with a gel, while others are pre filled when you purchase them. These items can be bought over the counter or from a dentist. A dentist will take an impression to get the perfect size of tray for a person’s mouth and some trays work by being worn a couple hours a day, others can be worn overnight.

There are whitening procedures that are done in the dentist office; the products used are stronger than those purchased for home use. Whitening gel is put on the teeth and then washed off after 30 minutes. Some are done with heat or lasers to activate the whitening product. It will take more than one appointment to get the results most patients seek.

Whitening is one of the most requested categories among patients. From in-office procedures to take home products, there are choices to cover every patient. Before starting any product, always consult a dentist to ensure it is the right course of treatment and won’t damage your teeth.

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