Why You should Opt for a Mist Salon Offering Fake Tan

Mist Salon

Whether it is the beach you are heading to or you want to look great showing off your tanned body in your new party dress, a tanned body is something everyone craves for. But not everyone likes to soak up the sun’s rays for hours on end to get that perfect suntan.

So, what do people who want a tan but hate being out in the sun for it do? They go to mist salon for fake tanning.

If you are not aware of fake tans, here is a quick run by on the method and the advantages it offers.

Why a fake tan?

It is a well-known fact that the UV rays from the sun can lead to skin cancer. The rays reach below the skin to the nerves and blood vessels causing great damage.

The safest method to gain a sun-bronzed look is, therefore, having the tan by fake methods.

Mist salon or spray tan salons offer fake tanning methods that are not harmful and do not have skin cancer risk. And the key point that makes such methods popular is that you can have a well-tanned look in a few hours’ time.

And since you need not bake in the sun to get the suntan, such mist salon types are becoming more and more popular.

Types of Fake Tans

Sun Beds

Sun beds are used by many people although they carry a high cancer risk factor. A 20-minute sunbed tanning equals four-hour exposure to natural sunlight. And further, since people don’t wear sunscreen lotion like when they are out in the sun, the sunbeds can cause aging of skin and wrinkles.


The self-tan methods involve using a spray tan from a bottle. The tanning spray has DHA (dihydroxyacetone), a chemical that produced the tan brown color. It acts by staining the dead skin cells. The chemical reacts with keratin protein causing the bronzed look. This tan stays for about a week or up to the time when the dead cells exfoliate.

Tanning Salons

A mist salon is an ideal way to have your body tanned as such salons hire professional tanning experts. You can be assured of a streak free and even tan. Choose a mist salon that offers customized tanning blends.

Tan is administers using airbrush or it is rubbed over the body. In a few hours, you will notice the sun-bronzed look appear in your skin. There are options like full body and half body tan where only specific parts of body are tanned.

Is it expensive?

The cost of a tanning depends mostly on the type of tanning method used. While self-tan methods are less expensive, a professional tanning at a mist salon can be a bit more. But since salons have well-trained staff to take care that the procedure is safe and effective going for the salon tan is a wise choice to make.

Whether you use a tanning product on your own or approach a mist salon, make sure the color of the tan matches your skin tone and the application method is also a deciding factor on how the results are. So, now that you know about tanning, go ahead and have that tan you dream of.

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