Winning Looks with Undercut Fade Haircuts for Men

Winning Looks with Undercut Fade Haircuts for Men

The undercut fade, also called disconnected haircut, is styled by shaving the manes down in equal length from the clear line projecting from the head’s temple. The locks on the crown are maintained medium to long length. The mid-length hair can either be styled upward to create a pompadour or slicked back. If you are daring, you can also create an illusion of a mohawk.

Before we start, it is essential to note that the undercut fade resembles the high fade undercut and some people call it so. Therefore, if you have decided to rock an undercut, it is essential to bring a picture to your hairdresser to know the exact haircut you want. Here are some cool styles you should consider. gives you some of the trendiest and charming undercut styles to try this year.

  1. Mohawk Haircut.

Sweeping the hair to the back brings out an illusion of a Mohawk, but this comes with the commitment to the hairstyle. The bald fade complements the lines of this dramatic haircut. It is a suitable and cool hairstyle for men with long hair who need something stylish and modern.

  1. Bald Undercut Fade.

Going from short manes to bald skin, this glam undercut fade is an unexpected transition below long locks slicked back.

  1. Comb Over Fade and A Hard Part with Beard.

The well-groomed thick beard and hard shaved part highlight this skin fade. Loose curls are styled at the nape of the head and hair slicked to the side.

  1. Disconnected Haircut.

The combo of long locks and an undercut fade looks incredible when worn relaxed. To finish the style, sweep hair on one side and then tuck it behind your ear.

  1. Matte Slick Back.

This is a smooth undercut fade. The hair styled towards the back is paired with an undercut, and worn either matte or glossy. This combo appears excellent, but it would appear better with a fade.

  1. Short Hair Undercut.

The undercut fade for short hair is designed into standard combover that combines a mini-pompadour. It separates the hard part, and it is ideal for professionals since it is a clean haircut.

  1. Medium Hair Undercut.

This undercut is the top pick for men with medium length hair. To accomplish this haircut, use a strong gel finish to make your hair damp, and then comb it to give it shape.

  1. Skin Fade Undercut.

In this men’s haircut, the fade is styled very high, almost reaching the forehead line. The hair is then designed using a blow-dryer to give the hair natural flow.

  1. Spiky Undercut.

This stunning undercut is a combination if various looks. The cut features extended, textured manes on the crown that is spiked and looks messy. The hair is then swept to the front to create a long fringe. Apply a hold balm to keep the hair intact throughout.

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