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Women And Anavar And Its Cycles

Women And Anavar

Steroids are used for both men and women. But it is difficult for women to take certain steroids which cause virilising effect on women. To avoid all this women would take low dosages of steroids which essentially were a men’s domain. It took the women a long time to create the physique they so desired. Hence Anavar was found very effective and quite the right steroid for women without the ugly side effects of virilisation. It gave the women freedom to take the steroids and get what they exactly from it.

How women use Anavar

Women use Anavar during the off season, it is very effective in giving the lean tissue muscles which hard and retain shape.

How anavar works on women

Women have body weight fluctuations in their body throughout their lives due to various reasons such hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, menopause etc. They find it harder to lose weight so Anavar is like a boon for them to get back in shape.

It is also seen that the preservation of lean muscle tissue actually helps in increasing metabolism. Oxandrolone in Anavar does this function in women very efficiently. With the fewer intake of calories and good exercise regimen along with Anavar will bring in the right metabolism in place so as to burn away the fat and bring the body into shape.

The tautness of the body is achieved as the sagging of body due to body weight and appearance of the body looking like a sack is the worry of many women and to get that hourglass like figure can be achieved by Anavar.

It is known that women find is more difficult to get rid of subcutaneous fat as opposed to the visceral fat in the body, than men. Hence Anavar has proved to be a boon for most women who want to opt for a toned and athletic body.

The widespread use of Anavar voor Vrouwen is that the lean muscle doesn’t get wasted even with calorie restriction. Anavar cycles are best suited for women

Dosage and duration of use in women

The dosage recommended for women is 10mg per day, which can be increased if the women’s body reacts in a positive and it should not increase more than 20mg. Though 10mg is the safest dose for women who would want to slowly and steadily climb the muscle building ladder and not rush into things and make their bodies cringe by pumping in more of the doses into the body which can cause serious side effects.

The cycle for Anavar in women

The cycle can be for six weeks which quite an ideal period for women to get into shape after which a four week break is required for the body to recover.

This is a best schedule for the women and the four week break is a must for the body to flush out the ill effects and get ready for the next cycle.

It should be noted that during the off season the women using Anavar should not take clen or nolvadex.

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