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Yes – These 5 Healthcare Jobs Are Real

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Ask any young person contemplating working in the healthcare field what careers might be open to them, and you are likely to hear standard answers such as doctors, nurses, surgeons, and so on. That’s great. We need dedicated and skilled clinicians to fill these positions. But there is so much more to healthcare than just the faces you might see at your local doctor’s office or the hospital. website recently published a list of healthcare jobs most of us have never heard of. Some of these healthcare jobs might not interest you, but you might find others rather fascinating. We have picked just five from their list that we want to share with our readers. They are interesting, to say the least.

1. Wound Care Specialist

Did you know there are doctors and nurses who specialize in wound care? Most people have no idea. Wound care focuses on removal of dead tissue to promote healing from all sorts of wounds including lacerations, burns, and bed sores. Most wound care specialists work in hospitals and nursing homes. However, they are confined to those facilities exclusively. There are wound care services that provide traveling specialists able to meet patients wherever they are.

2. Perfusionist

A perfusionist is a certified professional who operates heart and lung machines during surgical procedures. These machines take over cardiopulmonary function to keep patients alive when their organs cannot do the job. One must earn a Certified Clinical Perfusionist (CCP) credential to work in the profession. The median annual salary for this job is $117,000; some perfusionists work full-time while others work part-time on an on-call basis.

3. Medical Media Producers

For the last several decades, there has been a growing cottage industry producing medical films and animations used for teaching purposes. Someone has to make these elaborate media packages, and those who do the job are compensated rather well for it. For example, medical illustrators and animators can make upwards of $90,000-$100,000. Supervisors do even better. If you have a talent for media creation and a love for medicine, becoming a medical media producer may be the perfect career for you.

4. Space Psychologist

Even we were not prepared for the space psychologist entry in the Healthline list. We knew psychology was part of determining the fitness of an astronaut prior to sending that person into orbit, but it never occurred to us that space psychology was a specialty. Apparently it is. The space psychologist evaluates potential team members and then advises selection committees on which team members are best suited for particular missions. They might also be used to debrief astronauts or other team members once a mission is complete.

5. Hospital Cleaners

Even though this is a list of healthcare jobs many people have never heard of, we decided to include the hospital cleaning crew for the same reason Healthline did: it is a position most of us take for granted during a stay at the local hospital. Cleaning crews typically work behind the scenes where patients do not notice them. But they do exist. Cleaning crews handle the laundry, maintain bathroom facilities, keep hallways and other public spaces clean and tidy, and so on. Without their dedication and hard work, the local hospital would be a very different place.

As you can see, the healthcare industry is more than just doctors and nurses. It is made up of a virtual army of different team members who all have something to contribute. When they all do it well, you may not even notice them hard at work.

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