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10 Ways to Prevent Relapse

Prevent Relapse

It is an exciting moment to exit a recovery center free of the substance that brought you in for help. It can be a little intimidating though, with worries about the possibility of relapse. This is always a risk, but below are ten tips for relapse prevention that really work.

Stay On All Prescribed Medications

Drug and alcohol addiction that is compounded by mental or emotional illness will require dual treatment for both conditions. It is important to take any prescribed medications for these problems on a regular basis. Keeping your mood stabilized will help strengthen your willpower.

Continue with Therapy and Support Groups

Living a life of continued sobriety will take work, but therapy can offer you the tools you need to succeed. Maintain appointments with your therapist for at least two years after recovery begins. Attend group meetings to keep your sense of comradery and support from peers that know what you have and continue to go through.

Eat Healthy and Stay Hydrated

A healthy body and mind begin with eating the right foods and drinking plenty of water each day. Excessive drug and alcohol use depletes the body of many vitamins and nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Severe weight loss is common with addictions. Take the time to carefully plan meals that are healthy and balanced. Avoid junk foods and fast food when possible.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Stress and anxiety can make it difficult to sleep. The detox process can seem stressful at times, but you find that it is over faster than imagined. There can still be lingering anxiety and stress after returning home. Get involved in relaxing activities, read a book, listen to soft music, or watch the stars before heading off to bed. The more relaxed you feel, the easier it will be to drift off to sleep.

Keep a Positive Outlook

As nice as it would seem, not every day will be filled with rainbows and sunshine. There are some days that will seem to be an absolute battle to get through, especially in the beginning. Try not to be hard on yourself as you adjust to life at home without drugs and alcohol. There is a normal period of time it takes for your mind and body to mesh and get working in sync with your new normal. Every day will get easier.

Be Patient with People Around You

You may find that it takes very little to trigger aggravation and a bad mood. Although the urge is to withdrawal from people, try sticking it out as much as you can. It will do a world of good to practice and develop a great deal of patience for those around you. This will help you develop stronger willpower and nerves of steel. It will be harder to shake you from the sobriety tree.

Live Minute By Minute

Some days can be so tough that all you can do is simply exist minute by minute. You need to contact a sponsor or trusted friend and family member for a boost of encouragement. Have them walk with you through your moments of doubt and fears of relapsing. Understand that these feelings will pass.

Understand Urges and Cravings Are Normal

Your emotions will be raw and easily stirred at the beginning stages of recovery. You will have a tendency to think every craving and urge to fall back into addiction makes you “weird” or “atypical,” but these are normal feelings. Your body and brain are trying to disconnect from the feelings that brought you into addictive behavior. Be sure and discuss any particular triggers that seem to come up with your therapist.

Stay Away from Drugs and Alcohol

One of the worst mistakes made by new recovery individuals is thinking they are somehow superhuman and can once again be around drug and alcohol use with no effect. This is one sure way to derail your whole sobriety. Make any excuse you can to avoid situations where there will be possible drug and alcohol use. You will thank yourself over the years that you stood strong.

Feel Proud of Your Success

Complete recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is no small feat. You need to celebrate your accomplishments and feel an immense pride. Give yourself a daily mental hug for your continued commitment. This will help you get highly focused for what each new day brings.

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